Glass really is a great invention. It’s one that has really been taken for granted compared to most of the inventions Senku has explored so far. A lot of people actually just think of glass as a building material. I was pretty happy to hear Senku explain what’s so great about it and why glass’ unique properties have made it so important to human civilization.

He skipped over a lot of stuff but it was a nice tidbit. As I’m currently sitting at my glass topped desk writing this, I appreciate it just a little more!

What I thought Would Happen

I actually thought the show would use Gen’s departure as a natural bridge to leave behind Senku and the village for a little bit (for the episode or 3/4 of it) and catch up with Tsukasa. Maybe let us know what Taiju and Yuzu are up to. This would also have been a good opportunity to throw in a bit of confusion about Gen’s loyalties and keep us on our toes.

At most, I though we would get a continuation of the training between Kohaku, Kinro and Ginro while Senku and Chrome remained mysterious, working on something in the background. Maybe gathering mats, they do still need quite a few after all. That way, we could go back next episode and all the leg work would have already been done. It would have been a good way to add a sense of urgency and menace as well, although I suppose they already have the tournament and Magma for that

What Did Happen

Let’s  concentrate on what I got right, Kohaku, Kinro and Ginro did continue training for most of the episode and…that’s about it.

As you may have guessed from my opening paragraph, Senku set out to make glass this week, a necessity if you’re going to attempt any sort of advanced chemistry. This ties in nicely with the fact that Suika is actually short sighted. The mask that she wears has pinholes for the eyes which help her vision. But now, she has lenses. It may sound super silly, and it was, but it was also very sweet! We also find out that Ginro is short sighted as wel. That’s probably going to pay off later.

What About the Characters

Right now, it’s not so much about developing the independent characters as it is about building up the various relationships in their makeshift little band. Senku seems to be a static character (one that hasn’t and probably won’t change that much in the story) and I think that’s actually an excellent thing with this type of premise. We’re slowly getting to know him more and more but as we already know him pretty well, it’s not exactly remarkable. Although there was a moment at the end of the episode, when he saw the lab and for the first time, seemed honestly emotional.

This said, Chrome is still the faithful sidekick, Suika remains the adorable one. Nothing much to report of that front. Yes she now sees better and that’s great but otherwise, same charater.

The brothers though, Kinro and Ginro did manage to reveal a bit more of their personality. For one, we are slo9wly seeing that Ginro seems a little insecure and is hiding this behind his rigidity and discipline. While Kinro, who’s been portrayed as a lovable dolt up until now, is a little sneakier and more underhanded than I first believed. This puppy has some bite. What makes me happiest is that so far, the group dynamic doesn’t seem to have been destroyed by the new additions. I would even welcome Gen back as I believe he brought a unique personality to the mix but this episode still felt balanced and was entertaining without him.

What I Liked

Like I mentioned, I really liked the pursuit of glass as the science of the week. It’s a good choice!

The show seems to have settled into a comfortable routine. The pacing is quite good and episodes don’t feel overly long or confusing. It’s a fairly simple structure and a repetitive one but it’s also just plain enjoyable watching all these characters come together and toil away.There’s just enough real world science to get the context and it makes their weekly pursuits feel more tangible.

Although the characters can feel like caricatures and are all clearly exaggerated, they’re not actually archetypes I recognize. All of them have on some level subverted my expectation. Kohaku is a strong independent action girl who is also very open about her attraction to Senku without ever fawning over hi, can recognize when she needs help and is more than happy to ask for it (I say this every week, I quite like Kohaku). Senku is just a weirdo, no one could expect him. Chrome is your basic nice guy but the science geek edge is a bit. I can go on but basically none of the characters were exactly what I expected and I like that.

As I was writing the episode summary I realized it was  much shorter than usual and that’s actually a good thing. Dr Stone can get a little scattered. Having the episode revolve around just a few points and narrowing the scope of the narrative made it more enjoyable for me.I think they should in fact stick to this formula when they can.

As for the show itself, it continues to expand the colour palette and my stills, when looked at from a distance, are getting more and more interesting. Look at that sunset!

What I Liked Less

I actually really liked this episode. The only thing that is sort of bugging me is that the whole Tsukasa side of the story has just been left hanging for so long. I’m really wondering what’s going on over there. Especially with our friends. They could at least just show us an image.

And as I am writing, I realize that it’s probably on purpose. My curiosity is certainly piqued. I will come back just to find out what’s going on on the other side. They’ve built up some great little mystery and suspense here. I would move these paragraphs from the section but then I wouldn’t have anything left to say.

On wait, I guess Ginro has the potential of becoming annoying but for now, I’m fine with him.

Closing Thoughts

Fine, I’ll admit it, the show won me back. It won me back a while ago to be fair I just wasn’t ready to admit it. Admittedly, it’s not that hard to make me love an anime but I’m just having fun with it. Honest to goodness fun. I kind of wish it didn’t air on the same night as so many other shows I’m reviewing so I could enjoy it on it’s own.

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