Let’s just get this right out of the way, I very much want to write these 5 posts but that doesn’t mean I will actually write these 5 posts.. Some of them have been in my draft folder for over a year already so there’s really no reason to think that 2020 will finally be the year when I get it all together. This post is more like a vision board than a to do list.

But you can still totally shame me for failing to deliver if I don’t get around to it. I need to learn. I’ve really been spoiled by wonderfully kind readers all this time!

These are 5 post ideas I have had for a long time and really want to write but haven’t…cause I’m lazy.

There is a reason this show made an impact

5) Fullmetal Alchemist Series review

This is one of those posts that has been in my draft folder for a long long time. I even have it all subdivided into neat little sections I want to discuss individually and give special attention to. The drinking game is ready to go. But I just can’t bring myself to tie it all together. Right now it’s just sort of a mish mash of random observations.

All that’s really left to do is sit down and write the connecting thread to bring the post together, yet I can’t seem to do it. And every time I see it in my WordPress drafts it makes me feel mildly bad. (I have very few drafts so it stands out, you know…) I really should get around to this!

I should rewatch Kiznaiver

4) Rudimentary blueprints for the Kiznaiver Empathy machine

Believe it or not, I did the basic research for this one. It’s not that far fetched, or even complicated to send on nervous influx pain signal from one system to another. But there are tons of variables. How the receiver will interpret the signal, signal strength and reliability over a wireless network, battery life… I think it is feasible which is already a huge deal (at an astronomical cost of course).

The problem with this post, is not that I can’t bring myself to complete it, it’s that I can’t seem to stop adding on to it. My enthusiasm for the material has lead me to look into more and more potentially irrelevant/boring details to the point where the post is now an unwieldly behemoth that looks like an editors nightmare. And every time I try to cut it down, I end up adding more to it instead…

anime dictionary

3) Anime Lexicon

I started to put one of these handy little reference posts together last year. I got fairly far, all the way to N (and roughly 4k words in). I figured I could break it down into a series of posts for a fun little recurring feature and I know that I still get a little confused by terminology at times so I thought it could be useful to some folks.

I even asked on Twitter if there were any specific words people would like to see included. And then I got a bunch of replies about how every single blog already had this type of post available. I did look for them before starting my post but I somehow missed it. In any case, it really killed my enthusiasm for the project. I do still have that half post though and now that some time has past, I’m thinking it could still be fun. I could add in links to the pre-existing lexicons to give readers a more complete tool. It just seems like a shame to waste all that effort.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 6.14.22 PM
I didn’t realize I had this screencap in my library

2) Musings on Anime Eye Colour

I have mentioned my myriad of Pinterest boards and what I’m hoping to get out of them. I’ve used them before when discussing Dutch angles in anime for instance. One of the first non series specific boards I created was “Anime Eyes” (my naming powers are second to none!).

I’ve wanted to analyze this board for a long time. Maybe see if there is a correlation between character eye colour and personality traits. See if there are eye colour trends through times or genres. Try to figure out if there is any significance in it at all.

I know that most people don’t really care about this stuff but that’s exactly why I want to write this post. It’s one of those just for me posts that I take a lot of pleasure in even though it does nothing for the blog’s views…

Beyond the boundary blog
It’s like looking into a mirror

1) Top 5 Anime Characters with a Blog

Yup, the post I most want to write in 2020 and the top of this top 5 list, is a top 5 post… Listception!

I started jotting down whenever an anime character mentioned having a blog pretty6 much as soon as I started this blog. I thought it wold be a great Top 5 Post. Very “à propos”, a little meta and just fun. Anime characters…they’re just like us! I thought I could try to figure out what type of blog these characters would have, so on… I do plan to do a Top 5 Anime Characters IF They were Bloggers, no matter if this particular post pans out, but I thought it was extra special to find characters that canonically have a blog.

I slowly added to my list but for over a year, I was stuck at 3… I was about to scrap the post idea all together when a certain sports anime of all things, got me that precious number 4. I am now holding my breath for the final piece of the puzzle to fall into place!

As the new year is dawning, these are the 5 posts I would really love to write at some point. Of course, I still hope to get some great ideas and reviews along the way. A lot of my favourite posts are fairly spontaneous since I am mostly a stream of consciousness blogger. In a way, that what makes these long planned out posts even more special to me.

Are there any posts you hope to finally publish this year? If you don’t have a blog, maybe there are posts that you would really like to read this year? Tell me about it!

Rini 2020 (11)

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  1. I insist you write the eye color post for me. You know how I love your “color” posts. The one about anime characters who blog would be really cool also. Seems like it would be a fun writing challenge to do a post “in character” for any anime character. Like…grab any Watamote episode and write her “dear diary” entry for it… LOL.

    For myself, I have a vague intention of trying to actually write one blog post a month this year. Not necessarily on anime. More on whatever is on my mind at the moment. Sometimes, that’s anime. I am finally starting to kind of miss creating. A little bit. I am a bit afraid it might turn into a bunch of old lady rants about how things these days aren’t like they used to be. HHHH. Sound like every old person ever. And, yeah, I think that sometimes but that isn’t really me. (Okay, talk about stream of consciousness writing)
    So don’t anyone get their hopes up for anything really profound or anything. I might even just write some short fiction. I’m leaving it pretty loose. Years of busting my own ass creating for cash has left me really burnt out. I’d like to recapture the passion and love and writing because there are words in my head fighting to get out.

    1. Oh my hopes ar so up!!!! I would love a monthly Foovay post ..uhm..no pressure!
      Also writing in character is brilliant!
      I actually wanted to do a Get Ready With Me post in the Character of Hisoka from Hunter x Hnter because I thought the idea of him getting up 2 hours early just to put al tha maketup on each morning was hilarious….

      1. Imagine writing it as if he was actually vlogging it. Like all those people who do videos on how to do this or that character face makeup..

        I have a tag I need to do that I’d like to get done this month. I did blog today – but it was an old lady rant I think. Ish.

        But I am really tempted to do Watamote’s Dear Diary… *evil snicker*

  2. Supporting character in Niea_7 has a blog. First time that appeared in anime, too. It is noteworthy.

    My favorite commentary on eye color was Spike in Cowboy Bebop talking about one eye just sees the past…

    Full Metal Alchemist deserves a good definitive post. It hits girls harder than boys, and I didn’t care to watch it again after the first time. It was good, but I’m not a girl so Brotherhood isn’t for me, even if its better. And it was using up all my tolerance from Shounen Jump anime. The last of it went to Food Wars. After Food Wars I couldn’t watch Shounen anymore. If it helps I’ve still got love for cute girls being cute anime like No-Rin and Sakura Quest (cute women being cute). This is a male thing. Even weird shows like Heavens Lost Property, which is superficially creepy, is actually about generation ships and emergent AI (hinted at repeatedly during both seasons and the movie). Men get that topic, but girls just want the drama that kills people. This is how we’re different.

  3. The lexicon one I did a brief version of before coming to WordPress. I have zero intention of “porting it over”, though.

    I also had a weird post idea about what Seiya (of Shinchou Yuusha/Cautious Hero) would be like with a blog, but episode 11’s revelations stopped me from doing it. As for characters that have a blog, Asako Natsume of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) canonically has one if you don’t have her already.

  4. What I’ve always found interesting how anime sometimes matches hair and eye colour. Imagine how that would look in real life – e.g. get coloured eye lenses the exact shade of your hair and see what people think.

    1. Brown hair brown eyes seems like a popular combo!
      I could do a trpe post on the windows matches the drapes trope. That could be interesting and I’m really not sure why it’s such a popular standard n ane character design.

  5. Oooh, I’m very interested in your eye color one! I too think eye color is a considerable factor to a character and story. I’d so love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂

    1. I’ve read quite a few posts on eye colour tropes in classic character design but snce I started to take a lot of screencaps, I think those tropes need an update.

  6. An anime/manga lexicon itself can be very informative especially to newcomers to the otaku scene who are just starting to get themselves more into anime. Even veteran otaku themselves would sometimes have moments where they are either unfamiliar with or need a refresher on what a certain term means.
    Well best of luck getting to write these posts down.

  7. All these ideas are really creative. I especially like the listception and the eye colour post topics. I feel like I wrote down some things I wanted to write for my blog but I just didn’t feel that energy to write them and my blog kinda died toward the end of 2019. But hopefully, 2020 can be a year for creativity and just having fun with what I write. ✌

  8. The lexicon sounds like it would be fun and probably helpful. I know I still come across terms in the anime community that leave me scratching my head from time to time.

  9. I’d like to read all of these! And don’t be put off doing the glossary/lexicon by the fact other people have done it before; I find it quite entertaining to see how different people define things that a lot of us take for granted. I know I wrote my own glossary to be entertaining as well as informative! 🙂

    Anime eye colour is an interesting one, too. I read a book a while back called Samurai From Outer Space that talked a lot about the symbolism of hair and eye colour and stuff like that — you might want to give that a look if you’ve not come across it before, though it primarily looks at early ’00s and ’90s anime due to when it was published.

    1. I have not read Samyrai fro outer space but it sounds awesome. I’l see if I can get my hands on it

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