As I type this, I’ve published 695 posts on this blog (by the time this goes live, it will be well over 700). Exactly two of those posts are DIY posts or roughly 0.28%…. Yet I somehow never ever stop talking about those posts. It’s like I’m trying to convince myself I’m some type of specialty blog which I clearly am not…

By the way those two posts are:

  1. Psycho Pass – How to Build your Very Own Sybil System
  2. Fix 2017 with your very own Phone Microwave (name subject to change) – 12 days

Cough, cough…

I also keep threatening to write more of said DIY posts and never follow through. It’s pretty disgraceful. I’m usually good at sticking to projects. Well I’m a’hight at it. Since I obviously need a bit more of a push this time around, I figured I would make myself accountable by sharing said projects with you so you can laugh at me when I fail to deliver yet again. It’s the only way I’ll learn you guys.

So here are the TOP 5 DIY posts I’ve been meaning to write for a year now!

Angel and Evangelion

5. Build your on Eva

Of course you want to build your own Eva! Everyone wants their own Eva. Considering how the pilots turn out, one wonders why. Since these babies have mechanical and organic computer parts, it should be incredibly fascinating. Biomechanics has always been a special area of personal interest. I even started to outline this intimidatingly challenging post. I figured I needed to separate the Evangelion proper from the piloting interface if I stood any chance of creating something manageable.

To do it right though, you would need to subdivide the systems further. Propulsion should be one as well as the metabolic/power supply. The offensive and defensive arrays are also a separate consideration.

Really my only reason for not doing this one is that the scope of it seems unwieldy. I am a bit like a deer in the headlights, not knowing where to start.


4.  Dominator

The Sybil System was my first DIY post and as you can imagine dominators came up a lot in the comments. It really got me thinking about it. I figure I could approach one as a modified taser or maybe sound wave gun. We have a few options for non-lethal incapacitation that can be turned up to do some actual damage.

What’s much more interesting to me about the Dominators, is their automatic psycho pass reading to determine the intensity settings. This means that we need to create a standardized way to assess people’s mental state from physical indicators. Sounds awesome!

broken automail

3. Cold resistant Automail

Back to biomechanics again. Automail in general is a wonderful anime invention. I mean, they’re mechanical implants, we have them. Studying up on them should prove fascinating. One of the delightful touches of realism injected in Fullmetal Alchemist, are the various limitations and drawbacks of such prosthetics.

Aside from constant need of repair and tuning, the weight makes them difficult to use for most people and the materials are expensive.

A particularly nice touch is that the entire system is affected by extreme temperatures and therefore needs to be restructured when dealing with sub zero conditions. For some reason, dealing with sub zero conditions is something that speaks to me. I have always wanted to explore the idea of prosthesis made specifically for cold weather conditions. Why haven’t I done it yet?


2. Kiznaiver Forced Empathy System

The entire premise of forced empathy was something new and unusual. I think Kiznaiver stumbled a bit in execution, but the foundations were solid. This is another large-scale DIY but heck, if I could tackle Sybil, I can take this one on.

The neurological implications are fantastic, and I even have an outline in my mind of how this could be done. If we piggy back on my earlier posts with the human/animal neural link and distance control, we already have the basics of the research done. Transmitters and receptors are taken care of. What we really need at this point is some sort of operation system to keep everything in order and differentiate signals that should be transmitted from those that shouldn’t.

I’m still not sure if I can write this but man, I want to read it…

moster girls

1.  Localized Dullahan Wormhole

When you think fascinating theoretical technology, you naturally thin cute girls doing cute things, right? Interviews with Monster Girls was a delightful surprise on so many levels (you should watch it) not the least of which was the hilariously wacky attempts to explain all the monster girls’ conditions through science.

My favourite by far was the notion that a Dullahan’s neck is in fact a highly localized wormhole assuring continued function between the head and body, regardless of their relative placements in space(time). I haven’t mathed this one out at all yet. I might not be able to squeeze out even a joke post on the subject. But I absolutely love the idea.

It’s possible that I’m the only one who actually wants to read any of these posts. I won’t lie, my attachment to them is because I find them all personally amusing to read. This said, burying a seed of real-world vulgarized science in there is what truly makes them special in my eyes, so I don’t want to just slap together whatever comes to mind.

If you guys have any advice on how I could get any of these posts started, I would really appreciate hearing it out. Heck, if you have any DIY posts you’d like me to do, so I can add to my list of shame, feel free to let me know that as well.

anime ashamed
what have I done…

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  1. You should first do a little empirical research to determine if you yourself are, indeed, a Dullahan. . .after taking out a bunch of life insurance policies with me as beneficiary, of course. Then, should you survive said research–of course you’ll survive! How could you possibly NOT be the sole Dullahan currently in existence amongst all humanity?–well, assuming you survive, I guess I’d need to start working again. . .

      1. I actually taught junior high and high school English before becoming a police officer 20 years ago. . .

  2. I wonder if you could modify the Kiznaiver forced empathy system in a way so you could connect an fairies from Humanity has Declined to the Sybil system. I do so want to know the outcome…

  3. I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to see how one can create a do-it-yourself localised wormhole. That sounds like something I could use to get an hour or two extra in bed of a morning.

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