You know, we all go through those rough patches. Those periods when we actively ask ourselves, why are we doing this? Blogging is one of those hobbies that’s fun but is also suspiciously like work. I mean some people do actually do this professionally. There aren’t that many people that are receptionists just for fun…

Obviously, we each have our own reasons for doing this. But sometimes it’s nice to know what keeps others going. My reason for doing most things in life is usually, “it’s shiny”, “it’s yummy”, “it’s fun” or all of the above (my favorite)! However, when it comes to blogging I do have a few extra reasons for dragging myself in front of…my phone.

I’m not here to lecture you on why you should keep doing this. Instead, let’s all celebrate why we actually do put in the effort and concentrate on the fun rather than the work:

Let’s build something

5) It’s a legacy

Legacy sounds like a really grand work. But the fact is, a blog is something real that will forever keep your thoughts and random musings, even after you’ve moved on. Not that long ago, this type of privilege was only reserved for the most illustrious. It’s pretty amazing to be able to go online and see what you wrote and thought about 3 years ago.

Not only as a personal reference guide but as something you can share with the entire world. Maybe you feel like no one’s reading your posts now. But blogs have a much better shelf life than YouTube or Reddit or even MAL. I still regularly stumble across posts that are several years old and read them with relish (only to sadly discover the author has packed up a few years ago).

some of us don’t need rights!

4) Braggin’ rights

I write an anime blog. An often creatively worded one. It’s light and fluffy, encourages drinking and has quite a few dirty jokes in it if you chose to notice. There are hundreds available on the net. I also work in a fairly stuffy law firm where most people aren’t that familiar with the concept of blogs, let alone anime..

And yet, whenever I happen to mention my blog to anyone at work – or actually show it…- People are amazed! No really. I have 60-year-old partners looking at me like I can do literal magic. I know the actual content probably isn’t interesting to them but just the act of creating something is still admirable.

And I admit, same goes for me. Whenever I meet someone in real life that has this type of dedication, I’m a little impressed.

not so much a skill as a crime…

3) Mad Skillz

Fact is, you’re gonna learn some stuff blogging. Whether it’s sharpening your drafting technique or getting a better eye for design – this knowledge is easily applicable to all sorts of other areas in your life. And I’m not even getting into critical thinking or communication.

OK so this does sound a lot more like going to school than playing games in terms of fun factor. It’s still a really good reason not to give up. It’s a hobby where you can actually get out of it just about as much as you put in.

that’s how we all see it, right?

2) Community

I talk about this pretty insistently. I’m surprised it’s not number one. You know, they’re interchangeable. Fact is, since the dawn of time we long for connections to one another, and the bonds that can form through your blog are unique. They bring a type of interaction to your life that you won’t get elsewhere.

And you are in complete control of how much of yourself you want to share. If you feel more comfortable with a blogging persona, this is your chance to be someone else. If you only want to have specific conversations, you can ignore whatever doesn’t suit you. I guess you could do so in real life as well but it’s much more trouble and harder to keep up.

You can also be as raw and honest as you wish and with an entire world of people out there, you might actually find someone who understands you are. Now that’s real magic.

no joke – I would

1)  I would miss you

Hey, this is MY reason for You to keep blogging! Look, I may not always show it, but I appreciate your posts. My own sense of community is in great part enhanced by reading your views. When one of you shares their thoughts on an anime that resonated with me, I feel a certain kinship, even if we have completely different views on the subject. It’s a shared experience nevertheless.

I try very hard not to guilt people into posting if they don’t want to, but I won’t lie, I’ve seen a few of my favorite bloggers disappear or take a big step back and it always make me a little sad. It leaves a tiny hole behind in my universe. Obviously, I can’t follow ALL blogs and I’m getting pretty close to saturation, but my day isn’t the same if I don’t check out what you guys have to say.

There you go, if you’re not going to do it for yourselves then you should really do it for ME. I should print that on my business cards…

And now, one more favour. What are your reasons to keep blogging or commenting or even just reading?

do you guys miss Ace?

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  1. All of these reasons are true, but for me the reason I keep bloging is because it is the one thing I am good at. Kinda, I do my best! Jokes aside, I have been running my blog for about four years and I am still learning new things everytime I post and improving my content. As sappy and lame as it might sound, Nerd Rambles is my pride and joy.

    1. Neither lame nor sappy – it’s wonderful. I hope every blogger gets to feel that way at some point!

  2. D’awwww

    Thanks for the post. I’m relatively new to blogging, but not new to writing long form (good ol’ long MAL comment days). Even though I knew blogging would eat up even more of whatever’s left of my free time, I picked it up because I wanted to create something, instead of being just a consumer all the time. Won’t lie, it’s hard for me to get motivated enough to write and edit one post so I only post sporadically, but my goal is to keep doing this consistently for a few years, even if it means I post every few weeks.

    And if someone else gets something out of my posts, even better.

    1. It’s a bi more investment than MAL but there’s this cozy sense of propriety that you won’t get elsewhere.
      I just discovered your blog, I hope you keep your motivation up

  3. This post was really good. resonates with me as well. especially since some days I find it particularly hard to keep writing. but I keep doing it. Cause somewhere someone is reading the posts we spend so much time on and loving every bit even if we the writers didn’t especially like what we posted at the time.
    Also, that Ace pic at the end oof.

  4. Irina the drinking Magician. LOL I guess my biggest reason for continuing to blog thru everything is because I’m chasing a dream and my blog is the route that will take me there or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Even though I write with a purpose I still have fun. I liked the community angle you were leaning towards. It’s a great feeling. Great post and thank you for sharing.

  5. Aren’t point 1) and 2) practically the same point? Doesn’t matter, really; it’s important enough to deserve two spots.

    Much like David Boone, I’m online because nobody I know in meatspace cares for anime.

  6. What an uplifting post!

    It _is_ sad to see sites you enjoyed go quiet. There was a rash of them in April of this year, then again in July/August. I can’t help but wonder if the writers are doing okay…

    “And now, one more favour. What are your reasons to keep blogging or commenting or even just reading?”

    Let me take those in reverse order.

    I keep reading because the material is interesting! Several of you blog just about daily, and that’s impressive to me. The quality of your posts is also impressive. I just to be a newspaper writer, and I know that producing work at volume is _not_ easy.

    I comment because there are times when a post inspires me to answer. I’m done with arguments, so I pretty much don’t take anyone to task for having an opinion different from mine. Rather, a point or a theme will speak to me and make me feel like sharing.

    I keep blogging because I’ve made it part of my mission. Everything you said in this post — particularly the community, which is unbelievably resilient and has so much variety! — is true, and I see those as great benefits. But my blog is part of my writing mission. You might even call it my vocation. If I lost all of those benefits today, I would keep blogging. Or at least writing.

    I couldn’t stop writing if I wanted to…

  7. My main reason is a selfish desire to push myself to the point of breaking by piling up small tasks that gradually begin to overwhelm me. Otherwise, I feel like my time is being wasted, and that makes me feel ungrateful for all the people who enable me to do stuff…
    But it’s still pretty nice to be able to chat with other bloggers and stuff! I also love helping other people find good stuff to watch!

  8. Cool post. I think the hardest thing is how long it takes for a blog to become established, people can get put off if they don’t see instant engagement and likes. Remembering why you’re doing it in the first place is probably the best way to combat that. That and zen like patience.

      1. Nice, the art or retrospective winning! Celebrating victories no matter how small does a lot for morale. It’s definitely worth doing.

  9. Well… can I not comment on a post like this, as it’s truly wonderful 😊 I have to be honest I haven’t really been keeping track of things on wordpress lately. I feel bad about that, as I made a promise on my last post, to at least try and be here albeit in a lesser capacity.
    Unfortunately things haven’t been going as well as I had hoped. I am very, very tired, to the extent that I even had a bloodtest done last week to check if something might be physically wrong (to put your mind at ease right away: the results were good, nothing was found in my blood). She did warn me though that I am showing early signs of a burnout and that scared me. I am honest in saying that I really haven’t been feeling well the past few weeks. Besides feeling tired, I lack energy to really do things, and I sometimes even have trouble in sending a message to someone. I am trying to take as much rest as I can, and that unfortunately made me decide to at the moment become sort of a sleeper blogger for lack of a better term. As I said, I feel bad about it. I haven’t even responded to some comments on my last post yet, and well that feels bad for me.
    By pure chance I stumbled across this post today (it was a bit of a slow evening at work, so I was scrolling through the reader a bit). I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss you either, as well as of course a lot of other people in this community. But there are always people that are just a little bit more special, and as this post shows once again, you are one of those special ones.
    I know this comment isn’t as good as a new blog post from me, but it’s the best I could do, and honestly I think it’s the longest thing I have written in quite a while.
    I just wanted to say that if there comes a point where I rediscover my energy, I will try and get back here. Because I do miss it, no denying that.
    For now though, as sad as it sometimes makes me feel, it’s the only choice I could make. No kidding though: posts like this only makes me realise how cool blogging is, and how much of an inspiration you are to so many people here. Keep on doing what you are doing: because it’s awesome.
    As for me….I will do my best to get back here as soon as I am able to. I will try and keep that promise. Have a great weekend 😊😊

    1. Oh noes Raist. Take care of yourself that’s the most important. And of course I miss you, no point in denying that, but I’ll keep your seat warm for as long as it takes. That’s my mission!

  10. I agree with everything! And I was astonished at discovering a community! And what a community!!! Now the mad skills yes! It was a confidence boost to realize that I could learn coding, Photoshope etc. I never imagined I would do all this! Excellent post.

  11. Very timely and I love the spirit of this post. It is always very sad when a someone I follow decides to step back or move on from their blog.

      1. I’m not going anywhere. I’m actively working to try to gain more time for blogging in my life.
        Though, the same could be said for you. I think your posts are really fun to read and always start such great conversations.

        1. Awww. I’m not planning to go anywhere soon either though I am thinking of ways to lighten the load a bit

  12. Oh, wow. I’m honored and touched that you miss my little musings in the blog-o-sphere.

    This is a wonderful post, indeed, full of many lovely truisms and reasons to blog, write, read, and interact within a community. It brings a smile to my face to see such candid winning words wrapped in that delightfully cheerful spirit of yours.

    I can’t say for definite as to whether or not I’ll make a return, but I will say there are a good few anime (and also non-anime related things) I have been eager to write about. It’s just a matter of setting aside the time to do it.

    Thank you. <3

  13. Yeah sometimes, whether we cant find something that we want from the people around us. We tend to go to the internet because in the hundred millions of people around the world. There will be someone whom will understand you. Even though there is a screen separating you.

    But that last line tho 😭😭 it was so heart touching

    1. I have met some great people through this blog. Whatever trouble keeping this place up may be – it’s been more than worth it just for that

  14. Given that I’m old AND in law enforcement, I just don’t have many IRL associates with whom to discuss anime. It’s kind of like my love of ballet and Victorian poetry–my colleagues are happy to overlook these quirks, and expect me to make it easier for them to do so by NEVER MENTIONING THEM. So I go online, instead.

  15. I think the act of documentation is what really keeps me going! I blog for a living, so it’s nice to be able to come home and do my own stuff… though I have been able to write the occasional anime blog at work for Japanese food clients ;’D Those are the best days *D*

  16. All very good reasons. Idk why I am still here. Normally after such a mentally rough summer and fall as the one I’ve had now I would have left this world behind. That’s how my illness works. But I don’t want to leave. I feel like I need to be here. I have met so many people from everywhere in all sorts of situations and backgrounds and I can’t leave. And I want to be part and give what I can. I might not be super active atm but I try. If I can get a post a week out I’m happy. Also, I have an obligation to my very first follower. I think she might be disappointed to see me leave. 😎 (I hope so at least. 😉)

  17. Thank you for this post. I always wonder why I should blog, it is for a hobby, but at it’s core I always wonder why should I continue? I’m at a point where I’ve been blogging for 7 months, which compared to you and so many of my friends in this community is not very long, so these are some fabulous points to take to heart. My dream is to become a copyrighter to some degree, and I hope that this blog will give me the skills and added confidence to do so, so I will continue blogging for that. Thanks again for this post, it’s fabulous. 💖💖💖💖

    1. I’m sure it will, this seems like a great practice for copywriting. I do hope you get to live out that dream!

  18. (insert “Do It For Her” meme covered in Irinafaces here)

    Yep, you’re spot on with all of these things, particularly with regard to learning stuff. And not just technical, practical skills like layout, composition, editing and suchlike — you’ll inevitably learn something about the subjects you’re interested in, too, as well as stuff around the periphery.

    I learned a lot about Venetian Gothic architecture over the course of writing last night’s Awards post. That’s not something I would have sought out on my own “just for fun”, but writing about something where it was relevant inspired me to do some research, and now I know (a bit) about Venetian Gothic architecture. Go me.

    I also like the part about being honest. As someone with Asperger’s and social anxiety I have a bit of trouble making new friends in person, and especially in enthusing about things that I’m passionate about to them. I have no such issues when I’m expressing myself through the written word, however, so it’s through tapping away at a keyboard I feel I can be the most “me”.

    1. I read this in pearl voice from Steven Universe. I don’t know if that was intentional but lol. I’ve learned alot blogging as well its funny how blogging makes that possible.

  19. Good Post. Very True… many people leave because of so many reasons….but the fact that we are committed gives a sense of achievement.Happy Blogging ❤️

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