In this week’s The Promised Neverland, the kids got a chance to settle in their new home for the time being. Slowly Emma and Ray are teaching the younger ones survival skills and for a while there, things were looking pretty great. Good enough for the children to be children once again. Playing around in the caves, or gathering together to appreciate Nat’s piano skills. It’s really such a welcomed relief after the horrors they have all endured.

But of course, it’s short-lived. Humans associated with the farms soon find the shelter making it no longer a safe option. But there’s more to it. Apparently, there are multiple shelters out there which could mean a potential underground railroad for the kids.

And in the meantime, the demons are not staying idle. Losing such prime meat is not something they intend to take lying down. What exactly could the potential return of Isabella spell out for Emma and the gang?

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The Promised Neverland is starting off its second season quite strongly but there are a few potential problems. After the highs of discovering demon allies and even a seemingly secure shelter for their own use, the kids find themselves more or less at square one again. Alone, out in the open, low on resources and with only a vague spot on a map as a goal.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I do feel things may be moving a bit too fast. If the show doesn’t give us enough time to settle with an idea, then having it taken away just isn’t as impactful.

I do however really like the return of Isabella, if for no other reason than I think she’s a phenomenal character. Also, she looks great with her hair down, doesn’t she?

In general, I really liked the content of episode 4 of The Promised Neverland 2, but I really do think there’s something slightly off about the pacing. I’m hearing murmurs that the anime is going off book, taking some liberties when compared to the manga, and that may be an issue.

Not that I think anime has to stick to manga or anything. But I have noticed that anime that were following the manga closely and diverge from it but want to keep certain future elements of the narrative, can have a bit of a hard time keeping their footing. Still, the show remains very entertaining and I have faith that next episode will be great.

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