Hello everyone. Irina here and boy do I have a headache. It’s a doozy. I’m considering just going to bed at 5 pm and calling it a day. But first Matt (in regular text) and I are going to bring you this week’s episode of Cinderella 9. That’s dedication. I know your week isn’t complete without it. *sends healing vibes your way*

Cinderella Nine ep5 (1)
oh yeah – they did have an advisor!

I’m not kidding when I say I forget about this show the second the episode ends. For instance I thought they had already cleared up the field. Also Matt you were right they do have an advisor already! It’s almost like I take notice of attractive teachers in anime?!

The team is finally coming together which means they have to start playing against other people by first uniforms! What did you think of the snazzy new threads? They were cute, I’m glad they went for skirts, but shorts under the skirts?! Come on… don’t you know who your target audience is?! (Wait who is the target audience for this kind of show anyway?)

Cinderella Nine ep5 (6)

Still 10,000 yen, really? Seems stiff. Honestly when the girls asked if they were going to play in their tracksuits all I could think of was…yeah. why not?!

I don’t know how much custom made sports uniforms cost in your country but I was thinking that was cheap! But then again what little experience I have on this is a vague (possibly incorrect) memory from ‘Anima Yell!’ where the girls to a store that’s selling cheerleader outfits quite expensively.

Sports uniforms here involve skates so that’s not a good comparaison.

Cinderella Nine ep5 (9)
let’s move on

Do you think Ukida had to pay extra to get cat ears on her baseball cap? Whatever she had to pay it was worth it because it was adorable!

Speaking of Ukida she’s slipping into painfully fragile territory. Not sure how much more I can take. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The girls have their first official match. It’s the baseball game you’ve been waiting for. What did you think? Nice and baseball-y! But seriously it was pretty compelling, even for a practice game. Though I did have to get the irlwaifu to explain a few of the things in the game that I didn’t understand. Like why they are putting such n inexperienced player at 3rd base? I know right!

Cinderella Nine ep5 (14)
or why she doesn’t put her hair in a ponytail?

The animation was fairly decent this week, except for hair. No one’s hair moves right in this show. it does move though but not like it should. This was really obvious with the team captain of the other team. I did notice that the animation and art was more consistent but I can’t say I took any notice of the hair physics (typical male, amirite?)

SPOILERS: So they lost. If only someone could have predicted they would lose their first match. I liked it though. It made sense that they would get completely trounced considering most have only started playing two months prior. I felt more of a connection with them that way. And the misdirect at the beginning was a smart way to set us up. It was a necessary humbling—mostly for Tsubasa—who had to be starkly reminded on the limitations of her team of newbies and just how far they have to go.

Cinderella Nine ep5 (20)
it’s no just a standard sports anime trope

The girls got over it mighty quickly but then again we don’t have a ton of episodes to spare here. Besides, that closing scene was adorable so I forgive them. As usual I enjoyed the episode for what it was and probably won’t be able to tell you anything about it tomorrow morning. How about you Matt? Probably my favourite episode so far? I liked the balance between sport and cute girl stuff and emotion and heart. But still it has a long way to go before I’d be willing to call this series “memorable”!

Cinderella Nine ep5 (23)
bikini baseball?

I really do think this episode looked quite decent. See:

5 thoughts

  1. How did they all show up at the exact same time? That never works when you make an appointment. They were hiding and waiting for an opportune moment, weren’t they? It’s awkward to interrupt when the Captain is complaining to her childhoodfriend, isn’t it?

    10.000 yen isn’t so bad for a custom-made uniform. It is a little much if you have to pay it twice, because you figure out you want more protection for your skin when you’re sliding across the floor either to reach a base, or to catch a ball, and skirts don’t grant that sort of protection outside out RPGs…

    Bikini baseball, but with a realistic amount of bruises and wounds… Interesting, no?

    After the first episode, I thought I’d enjoy the show a little more than I actually do. And that’s a little sad, considering my hopes weren’t that high. I should drop the show, but I probably won’t.

    1. 1) It’s a girl magik thing. My and my friends always instantly materialize at meeting times and start giggling like we’ve just been having one long pleasant conversation for ever.
      This is where it shows that I never played any unformed sports. Except cheerleading and I’ll admit, I do not remember how much the uniform cost. Probably was that much. And I think it’s outrageous!
      3- Grim! I like it
      4) I think I’m in the same place. Even though I can’t find anything terribly wrong with the show (cheap production aside) there just in’t anything there

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