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Even I realize you guys are greater than anything I could ever have reasonably expected. The fact that I had the opportunity to write a single thank you post is still dazzling to me. The fact that I am now writing another one is downright unbelievable. In case you’re wondering – no, they do not get old.

526 WordPress followers and 718 total subscribers is an achievement. One that I am personally proud of. One that makes me smile. There are bigger blogs, many in fact. There are better blogs as well. I have a lot to learn and much room to improve. Two things that I plan on doing! And none of that changes the simple fact that I am overjoyed by the idea that you want to join me on that ride.

Since the half thousand (sounds bigger that way, right?) seems like a special arbitrary milestone, I figured I would once again try something new. I still want to thank everyone who decided to follow my blog but I thought this time, we could play a bit too.  

Because you are truly wonderful people, some of you have kindly tagged me for different nomination posts that have been piling up in my to do folder cause I’m a scrub. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to answer these as I truly appreciate them and then I got a diabolical genius idea. Starting Monday and over the next week, I will be posting award posts (and some other posts) and nominating all my new followers. I have some awards to spare so if you want to play too and be tagged for something even though I’ve already mentioned your blog in a thank you post, just send me a DM or email, the more the merrier.

Of course, no one is obligated to respond to these, it’s just a tiny little thought from me to you, to say:

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But first, I would like to take just one post later today to thank some folks that have stuck with me since the start.

I hope you guys will join me for this celebration – it’s always way more fun when you’re there!


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  1. Well… For me to call you as an inspiration for me is a big deal! (Like… I have 3, maybe 4 people that I can call trully inspirational in the variety of things)… So it doesn’t really surprise me a bit that you already got half thousand followers (It does sound more than 500 – marketing right there! :P), infact I’ll be here patiently reading and waiting for your 1000 followers posts teehee! Congratulations! You really deserve it! This is just a proof that hard work and being a decent human being pays off! Continue doing your excellent work and well, yourself 😛

    1. I’m really touched and although I think I haven’t quite earned such praise – I’m going to work hard to live up to it – so now you’re an inspiration.

  2. With a post like this you are just inviting me to go ahead and shower you with all kinds of compliments and stuff like that again huh? No….I’m not going to do that this time……..
    Crap….I just can’t not do it 😬😬😬
    Irina: even in a post like this you are just being way, way too humble again. ‘There are bigger blogs…There are better blogs”. Well….let me just put it like this: are there any blogs that have a bigger heart than you? You are always, and please don’t counter me on this, looking out for other people in so many posts of yours. The post you wrote for Auri, the Blogwarming Party, the post you wrote about me…I can go on and on….but you get the picture right? 😂
    Seriously Irina…without getting too mushy here: be proud of this! You are an incredibly kind, warm and heartwarming person that I am proud to be able to call a friend. More and more people will continue to follow your blog. And I just hope you will be able to continue making these wonderful posts you do so well for a long time. Congratulations on this amazing milestone! 😊😊

    1. Thank you so much Raist. I got lucky – I stumbled onto an amazing community filled with wonderful people and I’m smart enough t recognize it!

  3. Seems like it will be the awards season next week! Congrats!! You truly deserve it and more. 🤗
    I’m also working through those tags for next week so for sure there will be more victi- .. ah…erm I mean more awesome people passing it around! Happy hunting! ^^

  4. First! Congratulations as always and many loves from a smaller blog <3
    You deserve everything and hey…consider that celebration collaboration yea?

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