Super quick announcement!!!

I’m participating in the 12 days of Blogmas event. See the original post here. Since I already post daily this may not be a big change but I just wanted to let you guys know nonetheless.

Therefore, starting tomorrow, get ready for the exact same thing I’ve been doing all along….

I should really start to plan my posts out before writing them. I don’t actually have to publish them, you say? Hmmm, I’ll take that under consideration…

Happy Holiday countdown!

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13 thoughts on “12 DAYS OF ANIME 2017”

  1. Next year I will try to participate in this as well. This year though…there is already too much madness to keep up with lol 😊😂😂 (what’s that, I am already quite mad? Yeah, you are right lol). Seriously though: good luck, and looking forward to what you are going to write 😊

  2. I only found out about this and signed up for it on Monday. However, even though I put down titles for things I wanted to do on the spreadsheet, my lineup’s not completely set in stone. Regardless of whether I change things from the spreadsheet or not though, please look forward to my posts because I’m looking forward to yours.

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