You guys know I like to pretend I know things. And among those things, I particularly like to feign expertise on blogging itself. I’ve gone on and on about how to blog. Or more precisely how not to blog since that’s really what I have the most experience with. However, there are all those other important questions of journalism. Namely Who, What, When Where and Why! And I’m going to tackle those. Or rather, I hope we get to tackle those together!

anime interview
no pressure or anything

So let’s get our timetables sorted!

As you may have noticed, last season I intercut my character studies with episode reviews. I really don’t know why I have such difficulty with character studies but they are consistently the posts I have the most trouble with. One a week is just not viable for me. I’ll end up just doing boring bios. No one wants that. So for the time being, every other Monday will be dedicated to this new post series. I sure hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the plan:

Who: I will try to answer the question who exactly do we blog for?

What: A comparison between popular post structures and themes in professional anime journalism, general amateur blogs and specific anime blogs. I want to see if there is something that defines us in what we post aside from the fact that it’s loosely about anime.

When: i need help with this myself. I’ve noticed a lot of self censoring and holding back in our bloggers. So is there a rule of thumb for when to hit publish on that juicy post, and when to keep it for ourselves?

Where: for this I’m going practical. I do like WordPress and I certainly love the community but there are some annoying aspects of the platform. To tell you the truth, I’ve never really looked into any of the alternatives. I’ll be glad to let you guys know what I found out.

Why: the deep core existential question in everything we do. We each have our individual reasons for blogging of course, but is there a greater drive that links us all?

So what do you guys think? Does it sound like something you would like to read about? Please say yes! I’m kidding, I haven’t written them yet so if it seems like a boring idea, I’d really love to know now!

As always, thank you all for reading. Have a great Monday, or as great as a Monday can possibly be. See you soon.



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  1. These are the answers I would give
    Who- the segment anime community interesting in more educational content
    What- how science is portrayed in anime
    When- as time allows
    Where- wordpress
    Why- because it’s fun and I think I have something to offer


  2. Who: To those who are interested in discovering new anime or opt for a good anime discussion.
    What: Anything to your liking.
    Where: We’re all here.
    When: Yeah, I’m bad with timing.
    Why: To inspire others to enjoy anime as much as we do.

    These are my personal opinions on it and yeah, I’ll be looking forward to see how this turns out as well. All the best!

  3. This will be very helpful to many of the beginner bloggers as well such as myself…. All the best for it and I will definitely be read it….

  4. The “when” is an issue even when just replying: I’ve chosen not to post replies I’ve been working on for over an hour at times, but what I post often depends more on mood than content. It’s interesting. I suppose there are extra-concerns if you’re responsible for a blog, though.

    1. If they’re meant for my posts, can you email them to me? I feel it’s a great loss to miss out on a carefully thought out Dawnstorm comment

      1. Hm, the replies to your posts I don’t submit usually serve as fertiliser for later versions the same day. This is really more a problem for forums and blogs I only visit occasionally. There’s a bit of a conundrum here: I can copy/paste abandonded posts into the contact form, no problem, but that might prevent a future post (because If I hit send/save or anything, I tag it as finalised and move on). Similarly, by the time I know it’s not going to lead to a follow up (I can’t actually think of an example on here), I don’t have a copy anymore.

        As it happens, I just abandoned a post elsewhere. I felt I sounded combatitive about a minor point, when I really have just a nitpickers soul and agreed with most of the post.

  5. It sounds like an interesting enterprise! Do I foresee a lot of reader participation with some of these questions, as I anticipate? The “why?” should, I think, offer answers of great uniformity and amazing diversity all at once–very similar answers but with a wide variety of individual interpretations attached. . .

    1. I certainly hope for at least some interaction. These osts are much better with different points of view

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