It took me longer than usual to get to this one but it’s not my fault! I have been very sick last week. See since the 4th I have been experiencing an array of odd and unpleasant symptoms which culminated in marked and persistent chest pain. There’s zero reason for me to worry  about heart disease since both my lifestyle and family history put me in the lowest possible risk group but people around me have been dropping like flies (3 emergency bypass in the office this year) and I am an absolute scardy cat. So for 4 days I walked around painfully groping myself and wondering if my dog would eat me after the heart attack.

I was stumbling around in this dazed state when Merlin nominated me for a unique blogger award, proving someone out there still remembered me, and my world was alight once more. Of course, you should take a few seconds to check out Merlin’s post for this award, and then stretch that out and see the entire blog. You will find something you like. It’ll heal what ails you.

If this is your first time – Here are the Rules:

1: Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nomination you.

2: Answer the Questions.

3: In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.

4: Ask them three questions.

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Here we go again!

1) You may visit the world of any anime you like, but only once, and only for twenty-four hours. Which anime do you choose and why?

You just had to go and ruin it by setting limitations didn’t you. Fine!!!

First off any sort of battlefield or really even mildly dangerous setting (busses?) is out. I will die. Also, Slice of Life runs the risk of me splicing into a filler episode and that’s just a nightmare…

I thought about my beloved sports series but 24h is really not that long. Even if I happen to be lucky enough to land on a day when my beloved Seirin or Karasuno are playing, with my luck it’ll get cancelled, then what? I suppose I could just stroll up to random high school boys’ homes and find out what anime jail is like….I think I can do better.

Image result for anime jail
You don’t understand, It’s this guy named Merlin’s faut!

Psycho Pass’ neo Tokyo or whatever. No, this is totally not because I just wrote a long post on the show and I lack the imagination to think of two separate series. Hear me out. First, if I’m being honest with myself, I am not special or revolutionary. I am one of those sheep who would be completely happy embracing willful ignorance under the Sybil system and the world really would be blissful for me. For a simple 24h I would enjoy and bask in the completely safety of the experience. Secondly, some of that tech has got to be on the simpler side. I can totally Back to the Future this thing. Jump in, get a couple of patentable ideas on my phone, jump out, PROFIT!!! I live out the rest of my life in luxury in my French chateau surrounded by my army of surprisingly attractive butlers and maids (thank you Celeste).

And sure, I probably would do decently under Sybil, but it’s not like I’m clamoring to live in a dystopia so the fact that I can never go back won’t end up my biggest regret or anything.

Image result for anime noragami
Having a plan B is just smart!

My backup is Noragami. The way I see it: Best case scenario I get to buck the system through a 5 yen wish and stay there forever with my new god best friend who has a little thing for me but it’s all under control. Worst case scenario: free day trip to Japan! (This would perfectly apply to any of the sports anime – I don’t have to creepy stalk high school boys you say? Give me a break – I’m dying here).

2) You are playing a round of “F***, Marry, Kill” and the options consist of the cast of the very most recent anime you watched a full episode of. Choose one character for each option.

I am currently watching Uta No Prince Sama 2000% Love and you cannot, will not, must not – I categorically refuse to kill anyone. Unless it’s accidentally from too much *cough* cuddling *cough*

Honestly I tried to cheat and go to the previous anime I was watching but that was Natsume Yuujinchou and just putting that show into the FMK context even for a split second was unacceptable. I have since lived my life in the shower but I don’t think I will ever be clean again….

Image result for anime natsume blush
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…

So back to my wonderful idol boys. I’m not sure if the question limits me to the last episode I’ve seen, the season or the franchise but I’m going to randomly pick whichever suits me best.

The most important of the three is clearly Marry (should I be worried by my casual relationship with the concept of murder?). Since any good marriage involves a healthy dose of the F part and any bad marriage could potentially lead to the K part, I think the M is really all encompassing. Also this is the character you’ll spend the most time with so you have to actually like them. My choice: Tsukimiya Ringo

Related image
ooohhh yeah!


So far the anime hasn’t really done this guy justice but I hope we get to see more of him in future seasons. Fact is, Ringo Sensei is a positive, very supportive and kind man who also happens to be very talented and in touch with his feminine side.

Also, having sowed his wild oats already, he’s a little more mature and has opted for a career teaching rather than simply being an idol which means no being left all alone for months on end while he tours and entertains groupies! The teaching thing also means he’s good with kids which is a huge plus because I most certainly am not.

In case this doesn’t come up in the anime, here he is without his performance persona on:

I think I’ve made my point.

On to the tenderly making love for a limited amount of times part… Naturally, the only responsible way to answer this question would be to gather all the relevant data first. You wouldn’t want me to just be saying whatever, right? I guess in the interest of not completely failing at the game, I’ll pick a couple. I’m torn between Syo:

Related image
He’s stoked, believe me

Who clearly has a complex about his height and is constantly trying to prove he’s a “real man”. That sort of mindset is bound to make him eager to please.

And Satsuki:

Image result for anime uta no prince sama satsuki
equally stoked!

Because, look at that beautiful psycho. Honestly this could either be a fantastic night I would never forget and maybe have a little trouble walking in the morning, or he’ll murder me and feed my body to pigs or something. I figure it’s worth the risk.

As for the kill… For a second I thought Satsuki again, I mean he’s clearly a symptom of a debilitating disease and Natsuki will be much better off once he’s gone, but you know (see above…)

I guess maybe my hero is dispensable because she doesn’t actually have any use or personality… Wait, what am I even thinking. This isn’t me you guys… Damn you Merlin, look what your cruel cruel game has done to me!!!

Ok, how about heart attack guy from season 1. He doesn’t look like he has much time left anyways and that close call means he probably got his affairs into order. Otherwise you kinda deserve it at this point, buck-oh.

Related image
Couldn’t find a pic – you get Camus instead. No one is killing this guy – got it!?!


3) You can pick one, single animal from anime, as normal or exotic as you like, and keep it as a pet. What do you choose?

Uhm – Nyanko. Everybody knows this one. It’s not like there’s any other answer to that question. Adorably overweight cat/ Super powerful enormous wolfie looking protector/ Drinking buddy all at once? Yeah, no one’s beating this one.

Image result for anime nyanko sensei

Although the suicide bread would be a conversation starter…

Image result for anime suicide bread

I hope I didn’t disappoint you too much Merlin, and I sure hope I continue to be unique.

For my nominations this time, I choose you:

Jake Coker  – I discovered this blog recently and I can’t get enough so now I’m giving away homework!

Gonzo’s Anime Love Shack – Gonzo’s just back from hiatus and what better way to come back to blogging than with an award!

The Awkward Life of Erin – Erin is unique in the best possible way and I can’t believe she doesn’t have this award yet!

Entertain Me – I’ve been reading Candice’s posts pretty much daily and I’m honestly curious about her answers!

The Things I’ve Seen– This blog is pretty much the epitome of a Unique blog and should probably get this ward on the daily!

It’s an anime thing – I’m not sure if Josmarie doesn’t do award tags cause I couldn’t find any on her blog but she should have a ton. I’m going to try my luck!

Brittney Blog – Both unique and so sweetly written -I hope Brittney plays along cause I’m looking forward to this post!

D&A Anime Blog – This is another blog that may not do award posts cause that’s the only reason I can think of why there aren’t tons on there. In any case here’s a nomination!

By the way, I skip over some people because I have a feeling they are not that interested in playing. If I’m wrong – let me know. I will nominate your brains out!

And now for the part I’m worst at (yes it gets worse…) My questions:

1- I had a lot of fun with the FMK question (you can tell from all the whining). I use to adore this feature over on D talks anime. Which is your favorite blog feature/tag? Alternatively, tell us about one you’d like to start!

2 – What do you want for Christmas? I’m just asking for a friend.

3 – What unusual IP would you like to see get adapted into anime?

As always if you want to answer any of these in the comments just for giggles, please do so.

Oh – turns out I have a bad flu which was why I was dizzy and my hand keep getting numb and I can’t keep food down, also (due to my very unreasonable working out habits) a pulled my left pectoral muscle on the inside/underside, I’m probably going to be feeling a dull pain for another month or so, and all of this was combined with a very serious case of stupid crybabyism. It’s not easy being me…

Image result for anime planking
Just leave me – I belong here

25 thoughts

  1. I think it would be fun to see how the Sybil system in real life, but I’m fairly certain I’d be killed asap if I ever dropped in there for a visit. Not that I’m a bad person or anything, but it would be very hard to not think of bad things when you’re told not to.

    I’m just kidding, I think. But I still feel like I’d die before the 24hrs if I went there lol.

  2. Hopefully you feel better, i usually say drink some tea but you have the flu and lol, the one time i had the flu i thought i was going to die. Altho i also had food poisoning soooo 👀


    And Oh My Goodness. I’m at work and you bet I’m laughing like a maniac, i love all your nomination posts like 😻💕💕💕 esp that MFK answer #IMDEAD

  3. I really was shocked when I read the first paragraph of your post. No this time I am not making a joke, I really was shocked. I’m glad it isn’t your heart, and I really hope you are going to be feeling better soon 😊
    As for this award: congratulations, you deserve it: big time. Your blog is definitely unique, and so are you. And I mean this as a big compliment 😊

  4. My reactions reading this post:
    “Yay, I got an answer!” 😀
    “Oh dear, are you really all right? Please don’t die! I hate when my friends die!”
    “…(reading the praise and blushing!)…”
    (laughing my head off and loving your answers!)
    “Hm, must check these tagged blogs out!”
    “Owch! The flu is bad enough! Toss in a pulled pectoral? Yipes!”

    Seriously, thanks for answering, I loved every bit of this post, and get well soon! 😀

  5. Don’t die! I too have been ill for about a month now and it sucks! I think I’m finally over the worst of it, though. It is nice to be able to swallow again. (shush)

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