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Boyfriend of the Dead – Webtoon Recommendation

I’m sort of surprised by how many romantic webtoons I read. So Boyfriend of the Dead is actually more of a comedy but still. I guess I like my romance in webtoon form… So welcome to my new feature! Every week, I plan to tell you guys about a webcomic I am enjoying so that...


Irina and Crow in Zombieland (Saga) ep5: Mud Idols

Last week, Crow (crowsworldofanime.com) decided to veer away from our The Good, The Bad and the Ugly format for a more linear conversational post. I think it helped a lot with the flow. I tend to be a little scattered so some form of post structure is very helpful in allowing me to keep my...


Irina and Crow in Zombieland (Saga) ep2: Rap Battle!

I’m a little late on this but please go read my collab with Crow on episode 2 of Zombieland Saga. This little show has quite a bit of potential and there are already some intriguing speculations cropping up! It’s HERE    


Denki Gai is Innocently Raunchy

Genre:  Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance Episodes: 12 Studio: Shin-Ei Animation   Join the staff of Umanohone (うまのほね, “the horse’s bone”), in their daily efforts to avoid complete chaos at the store during holiday sales and special events, while pursuing their personal goals and even possibly finding love? Umanihone is a refuge for lovers of...