I almost named this post “Conversations with Dead People”. I think that Buffy episode influenced me too much. I’ve already named two separate episode reviews for different shows that exact title, and we’ve discussed the Buffy episode together in the past as well. But it just fits so well for so many things. Also, I may be watching slightly grim shows…

What’s your favourite Buffy episode title, Crow? Now, this is a new way to start an episode post!

I like it! Well, there’s Once More With Feeling for the best combination of drama and comedy. Great soundtrack, too. My other favorite might be Seeing Red. “Willow, your shirt…” I don’t know how many years ago it was I saw that show, but remembering that scene, even now, makes me pause. 

I’m bold (well, font-wise). There will be spoilers. And probably tears. Yeah, it’s another one of those episodes. 

This week’s Dr. Stone started exactly where we left off. A little before that, actually. We got to see Taiju and Yuzuriha find the phone and we got to rewatch Taiju and Senku talking again for the first time after a year. 

I didn’t mind it one bit! I was not crying you were crying at that last week and I once more did not cry, you cried, this week! 

I most certainly shed zero tears. Not a single one. Is this where I insert a double negative to be tricky?

Friendship is one of the core themes of 99% of shonen anime, and I’m still a sucker for it. It was great to see. But you know what I really want to see. How will Taiju and Chrome interact?

Even thinking about that brought a smile to my face! I think they’ll hit it off famously. 

Of course, this is all assuming Chrome didn’t get shishkabobed (he didn’t, this isn’t that type of show!). 

The 3 stooges dynamic between Gen, Chrome and Magma was pretty good. I noticed they stuck Magma with Chrome and Senku in season 1 as well. He is the most drastic character foil the science village has so I understand why they would add him to the dynamic. What do you think Crow, would you rather have seen someone else tagging along?

The friction between them was really entertaining! I loved Magma’s idea of using Chrome as a human shield so Magma could find out where Ukyou had hidden. Magma didn’t seem to see anything wrong with the idea, whereas Chrome objected loudly. Which was the problem — as the two argued, Gen kept trying to shush them, what with Ukyou’s excellent hearing and all!

We’re slowly getting to know a bit more about the people on the other side. I have a feeling that we’re going to get to know Ukyo much better but for now, he’s just the dude with the great hearing and almost as great character design. Because htis week was all about Nikki!

What did you think about Nikki, Crow?

I was overjoyed to see that Olivier Mira Armstrong landed a new role! It’s about time. Seriously, I not only liked the character, I loved what we learned about her through this episode. Showing how tough she was, then showing what she had endured in school because of her strength… talk about building sympathy and rapport! And the deal she made with Senkuu was flat-out amazing. 

I really liked her developpement. I feel like I got to know her pretty well in just half an episode, and she felt like a real person. Not just that, but a type we don’t see that much. I’m into it.

Spoilers guys, I’m sure Crow told you but just to be safe cause it’s right here. Nah, I knew you’d want to talk about it! So I just hinted! Part of me is just a little disappointed the plan didn’t really work but most of me is thrilled. First, it’s actually really good that Senku and Gen didn’t have to give really cruel false hope to someone. At least not for now. Second, having someone from Tsukasa’s clan on their side just offers up way more possibilities. And it would have been too good if everything went off without a hitch.

We know Tsukasa is in fact very smart in his own right. Above average in most things really. Senku’s side is going to need absolutely all the help they can get to keep him off the trail and pull this off. And this seems like the best possible start. What do you think Crow?

Like you said, we just met Nikki, but she came across as so fully realized when I saw she was a fan of Lillian, I was all like, “Noooo, Senku! Abort! You can’t do that to her!”

And he didn’t. He came clean, and to make up for trying to lie to her, he swore to protect the last recording Lillian ever made. I’ve been trying to figure out what magic the writer used to make that ending work, but it hit me every bit as hard as the scenes last season with Byakuya. It had something to do with Senku pledging to protect the last recording “with the power of science.” 

Once again, this episode was loads of fun. I’m thinking I should probably start a Dr. Stone manga collection soon..

That sounds like a great idea!

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