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Is my blog dooOOoomed?

Ok so I’m not taking this Halloween themed week seriously enough… I did the same thing last year. I tried to pass a blood type personality post as “spooky”. For the record I’m still AB. It’s scary how accurate that thing is!!! How about this fun little activity we can all do in this month...


Anime, Because It’s Slightly Healthier Than Most Drugs!

When we think of healthy lifestyles, we tend to think of our bodies first. Exercising and eating right. Making sure we get enough sleep and drink enough water (there’s water in vodka, right?). We get these images in our heads of tanned, active people, with glistening muscles.  That’s all well and good. (especially the images...


Playing Sexeh Tag!

I always get a real thrill out of being included in any blog community event. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was about finally being recognized as a hottie! It cheered me up to no ends… What do you mean that’s not what this is? Tagged Michel over at Raistlin0903 (or Raist as I...