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Still Best Tag – The One Liner Challenge

I decided to once again make an honest effort at going through my backlog of nomination posts and I fell on one of my very favourites. Seeing as I practically coerced tetrax4berium into nominating me for this one, I really have no excuse to have waited this long! I’m sorry. Imma fix that now. please go rea...


The Sacrificial Lambs of the New World

….Shin Sekai Yori… I’m not sure I was prepared. I don’t know if my review for the series will be published by the time this post goes up. In any case, let me just say, Shin Sekai Yori is one dense show. It’s heavy with meaning, dripping with allegory, ruthless in its judgment and harsh...


Shin Sekai Yori – The Lessons of the Bonobos (Countdown to Halloween)

Genre:  Dystopian, horror, science fiction, romance Episodes: 25 Studio: A-1 Pictures   It seems pretty clear that humans are destined to muck things up. Whether individually or in large groups, we seemed determined to make every mistake for ourselves before we learn a single thing. And let’s face it, we manage to learn the wrong lessons...