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Top 5 Anime Characters I Want as Personal Assistants

You know what I’d like more of? Time! Isn’t that the one thing there truly is never enough of. Unfortunately, try to stockpile it or add to it and BAM – you unravel the fabric of the universe. The universe is soooo delicate. What a pain! There is a workaround mind you. See, if we...


Top 10.5 Anime Ending Themes

In general, end sequences tend to be less impressive than opening ones. This makes perfect sense since they are so much easier to skip and in our new world of streaming content sometimes get auto-skipped whether we want to or not, so I can’t blame studios for prioritizing the intros but once in a while...


No Game No Life

Genre:  Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Fanservice Episodes: 12 Studio: Madhouse Blank, a brother and sister team of super elite gamers, and my personal role models, spend their days and mostly their nights, conquering every game that comes their way because they assumedly have the world’s most understanding/neglectful parents (although there may be a canon explanation for...