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My Top 5 Great Anime with Questionable Premises

Anime can be kind of weird in general, however for this list I’m not just picking anime that is weird to watch. These are series where the actual base premise is really odd or even kind of dumb sounding. Sure Paranoia Agent or Serial experiments Lain were pretty trippy to watch but when you strip...


Top 5 Animes I’ve Grown to Appreciate

Let’s start off 2019 with something positive. I’m not too proud to admit that my first impressions can occasionally be a bit, harsh. Not wrong mind you, just possibly fail to take certain things into account. And so, I do occasionally change my mind about shows after a little time has gone by. In this...


Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

Reborn   Genre: Shonen, Comedy, action, supernatural Episodes: 203 Studio: Artland   Tsuna is not having a good day. Not only has his lack of both academic and physical prowess earned him the nickname of loser Tsuna and he is making zero progress with the girl he likes but now, all the sudden, he is apparently...