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Top 5 Pleasant End of the World Animes

We’ve all gotta go sometime and popular belief dictates that eventually, the entire species is going to go as well. We’ve all seen the cautionary tales, post-apocalyptic wastelands in which the last few humans wander desperately clinging to life under horrific circumstances. Brought down by our own hubris, greed and/or ignorance. The end of days...


Top 5 Love Them or Hate Them Anime

You know how once in a while an anime comes along that you just can’t quite gauge. You can easily imagine someone calling it a masterpiece or a piece of trash and both are just as justifiable. There are a few titles like that, where I seem to hear both extremes and I always find...


Top 5 Anime Festival Episodes

I don’t know about you but I am extremely jealous of the joyful festivals that seem to take place in so many animes. Form school sports and cultural fests to those beautiful looking summer festivals filled with goldfish scooping, fireworks and beautiful yukatas to solemn temple visits on new years. It’s not that I’m a...