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Top 15 Avatar Cosplay (Countdown to Halloween)

Oh man, I hope I didn’t mislead my readers there. Sadly, this is not in fact a post where I cosplay as 15 different characters from Avatar but rather a post where my avatar cosplays as 15 different anime characters. I understand if you are disappointed and I hope you forgive me. You see, on...


Demon Slayer’s Wisteria Hysteria (Countdown to Halloween)

Because I read my comments, I do know that a fair bit of you aren’t exactly fans of Demon Slayer as an anime. In fact, the comments would lead me to believe that most of you really disliked the series and dropped it early on. But today I’m not really going to talk about the...


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Birth of a Saga (Countdown to Halloween)

Few families have had such a sordid and eventful history as the Joestars. An established line of the British aristocracy, you would think that they would be able to enjoy peaceful days in the lap of luxury. Instead, they have been fighting vampires and other monsters for generations and across continents. Every since Jonathan Joestar...


Halloween Candy in Japan

think the first question any normal person asks themselves when faced with the prospect of travelling to a marvellous place they have always wanted to visit is: What yummy food can I expect to ingest??? So naturally, if you are ever going to spend Halloween in Japan, you should really know about the candy!


Sweet Home – webtoon recommendation (Countdown to Halloween)

This time I called it a webtoon instead of a webcomic because it’s actually on Webtoons. As I’m writing this, last week’s recommendation on the fantastic Stand Still, Stay Silent hasn’t yet been published, so I hope it wasn’t a complete flop cause here comes one more. In any case, I’m sure some of you...


Top 5 Animes to Watch This Halloween if You Are A Scaredy Cat

I love Halloween. It’s so fun and silly. I will also take any excuse to dress up! I like the themes and the idea and just how joyful people are when they get into the spirit of things. If there’s one holiday I really want to celebrate, it’s Halloween. Except, I’m a total and complete...


Ghost Hound – Lost in the Unseen

Tarou is still trying to recover from his childhood trauma. And you know what, I can’t blame him. I would probably never get over it in his place. When Tarou was about 4 he and his sister got kidnapped, but he is the only one who made it back. All things considered, he is actually...


Even Urban Legends are Scarier in Japan 2!

Every year I do an Even X is Scarier in Japan post during October: Even Urban Legends are Scarier in Japan Even Creepypastas Are Scarier in Japan Even Monsters are Scarier in Japan These are fun little posts in which I explore creepy Japanese fiction in all forms and share it with you. Because it’s...


The Hallotober Tag

I know I’m really not the best at keeping up with tags but for what it’s worth I do try. And to anyone who has ever nominated me, even if I haven’t answered yet, I do appreciate it a whole lot and it makes me happy! So thank you! However, I’m currently in my yearly...


Countdown to Halloween

This is my fourth year writing a Countdown to Halloween post. Does it officially count as a tradition now? I say yay! And we got to celebrate and honour traditions, don’t we!!!