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Saiyuki Reload Blast – Journey to the Middle

Genre : Action, fighting, supernatural Episodes: 12 Studio: Platinum Vision   Something has awakened. Something that’s been slumbering for a long time is beginning to stir and the shockwaves are being felt all over heaven and earth. Demons are getting restless and the attacks on innocent villages have become routine. Thankfully, the Sanzo party is here...

Drifters anime review 22

Drifters – What LOTR was missing

Genre: Action, Historical, Fantasy, comedy Episodes: 12 Studio: Hoods Drifters Studio   Try to imagine a world populated with not only humans but goblins, dragons, elves, dwarves, hobbits and a myriad of fantastical creatures. A world where magic is real and wonders roam the land. Where each species has developed their own cultures and worships and...