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A Post By Any Other Name Would Get As Many Views?

Yeah…I’m not good at naming posts. I’ve never had a talent for it and I am so jealous of people who can come up with that perfect title off the tops of their heads like it was no big deal. It’s a very big deal! Unless someone is very familiar with your writing already and...


Oh My Kami – Which Shrine should you Visit This New Year

So a couple of days ago I did a post on Japanese Christmas tradition as a thinly veiled excuse to eat nothing but cake for a couple of days. That was a good decision. My adulting skills are on point! Anywho, I mentioned in that post Christmas itself was not exactly the major holiday in...


Anime Box Office 2017 and What it Means for the Future – 12 days

For international anime fans, the prospect of seeing our beloved medium on the big screen has always been something of a pipe dream. Outside specialized film festivals, the lonely representative of anime in theaters has been Ghibli for the past decades. Don’t get me wrong, Ghibli studios have put out some decent films… But it...