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My Top 5 Anime Characters with Freckles

Lately I’ve been really digging freckles as a design trait in anime characters. Actually scratch that, freckles are adorable and I have always thought they looked amazing. It’s just that lately I have been noticing them more in anime characters and it always makes me happy when I see them. (For instance on the adorable...

How to Keep a Mummy anime review 37

How to Keep a Mummy – Can’t title – Too cute

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, OMG so cute!!! Episodes: 12 Studio: 8-Bit   All parents have their quirks. Some insist on showing anyone we bring home all our baby pictures complete with running, extremely embarrassing commentary. Some seem completely impervious to the notion of privacy while others could compete in the guilt Olympics. All Sora’s dad...