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Top 5 Anime Drinking Spots

I’ve actually been trying to put together a top list of anime bars more or less since I started this blog but, these are surprisingly rare. Maybe this has to do with the fact that anime protagonists are usually too young to drink but even in grittier dramas, it’s not a location that features very...


Cheer Boys!!  Turn your brain off and enjoy!!

Genre: Sports, Drama Episodes: 12 Studio: Brain’s Base   Haru hates Judo. Ok that’s not really true but he’s not good at it. Well that’s not fair either, he’s actually decent but he’s nowhere as good as his big sister and he’s just not enjoying it that much, even without taking into account his injured shoulder....


Anime confessions

Are you a loyal anime fan? Do you stand by those shows which have brought you joy? Lately, I’ve read a few think pieces on how people’s preconceptions can color our enjoyment of a show. How going into an anime with preconceived notions or expectations based on other people’s experiences, inevitably affects what we end...