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My Favourite Top 5 Surprise Anime Dance Numbers

This is an odd top 5 list I know. But I feel like we can use a bit of levity right now and what better way to get that than a surprise dance number! What is a surprise dance number? Excellent question! It’s when a bunch of anime characters burst into dance when you don’t...


Top 5 Anime Characters with a Blog

So this post has been a long, long, LONG time coming. I have this little notebook I keep post ideas in. Whenever I fill it up, I just tear out the pages with any ideas I haven’t used yet and fold them in my next notebook. The idea of doing a post about anime characters...


The Promised Land Beyond the Boundary

  Genre: Action, supernatural, drama, romance, pwetty Episodes: 12 Studio: Kyoto Animation There are things that define us in life. It’s inescapable. The weight of history and circumstance leaves its mark on all of us. But you don’t have to simply accept it, you can choose by what you wish to be defined. For Mirai...