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Nora nashi gami

Have you watched Noragami? You should… It’s good! It’s also pretty complex. It sneaks in a lot of rather heavy themes under the guise of an action anime with some Japanese mythology for flavour. You could almost be fooled into thinking this one was just about running around and looking cool with swords. I wouldn’t...


Nobuchika Ginoza: Those Who Can’t Bend, Break (Megane Day)

Today we are celebrating Magane day!  This super fun little traditional was started by Mel over at MelinAnimeLand. Last year I shared my love for the feisty bespectacled baseball player Miyuki. This time around, I’m going to use the occasion to talk about a character I’ve actually been meaning to feature for a long time: Ginoza. It’s...


Hotaru and the Ephemeral Nature of Happiness

I’ve already spoken about a character from Natsume’s Book of Friends for this series of character sudies. In fact Karandi and I have discussed many of Natsume’s supporting characters. The series is densely populated by absolutely wonderful people who wonder in and out of Natsume’s life, leaving behind precious little drops of wisdom and meaning....


The Limits of Emperor Il’s Compassion

I’ve recently finished watching the 24 episodes of Yona of the Dawn. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I was not amused by the fact that the show ends in the middle of the story. Just about mid sentence! Of course now I’ve ordered all the manga volumes I could find…. I’m...


Sakie, Cute Girl Doing Important Things

This week’s a little different folks. You probably noticed that I usually do my character studies on tragic characters that don’t tend to escape the storyline unharmed. This can be a little problematic since I favour goofy comedies with lighthearted plots. I’ve been running low on subjects, so I’ve adapted the theme a little. Sakie...


How Kaede Taught an Old Bear New Tricks

Just in case that title wasn’t clear enough, this post is going to have some spoilers for the first trial of Danganronpa V3 so if you care about that then it was lovely of you to visit, I hope to see you again tomorrow. Otherwise I have kept it pretty spoiler free. So, enjoy without...


Reiko and the dilemma of the extra

Once in a while I will moan about not having enough horror animes to enjoy. You see I’m one of these incredibly annoying people that both wants to watch horror movies and is really scared of…everything. Really, I have skills guys. This is the exact mindset with which I approached Another when I first heard...

Death Note anime Mello 3

Mello’s Middle Child Syndrome

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have never seen the Death Note anime. I tried once or twice but couldn’t really get passed the first two episodes. See, the Death Note manga is one of my favorites and somehow, I just couldn’t adjust to the little differences from how I had established it in my...


Sayaka, We Hardly Knew Ya

Oh Madoka… I have always had fairly mixed feelings about the series that have added up to a rather more neutral impression than most folks. Overall I still consider it a good show but I’m not quite sure I see in it all the things the majority of fans seem to. Admittedly I have only...


The Monster and the Ghost of Class 3E

I’ve written a lot on Assassination Classroom. It’s obvious that I found the series inspiring. And for once, I actually planned ahead and left out something I wanted to discuss more in depth in its very on post. Namely: Rikuto Ikeda.