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Maybe you stumbled on here by accident. Maybe I screwed up the scheduling and ended up posting his before Remy but this is part 2 (some of my sharper readers may have picked up on that from the title.  In any case, you should  probably read part 1 over at the Lily Garden first. Or read it after, be a rebel!

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Should you correct people’s grammar/English – How would you proceed?

R: I prefer pointing out typos via PM. Pointing them out in a public comment just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What about the person’s image?!

R: Lately, however, I’ve been struggling on deciding IF I should tell others about their typos at all. Some have reacted poorly to my efforts and some typos aren’t really too noticeable, after all. This is a tricky minefield which is why I always try to emphasize that they can tell me to bugger off if I’m being too nosy about typos.

R: With that being said, I really enjoy playing editor.

I: I have nothing to add. My spelling is horrendous. I ask Remy or other kind bloggers (so that Remy won’t just stop talking to me) to proofread my posts. Basically I don’t have the skills to correct anyone. I guess I would find it a bit odd if I noticed a comment saying nothing but “you should have a comma there”. But I’d also find it kind of boss.

R: If I received a comment like that, I would assume the person only wants to humiliate me and I’ll be a little scared to interact with said person unless if I happen to be in a kinky mood.

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because you WILL get awards

Must you respond to awards / tag posts?

R: I’m incredibly burnt out from these award / tag posts, so I would say no. The fact that they even considered me at all was very sweet, though.

R: I only recently answered the Five Flaming Hotties tag because I wanted to have fun writing in a different style and because soooo many people nominated me. I’m not sure why they did, but thank you! But a lot of people have revealed that they would rather me act like normal and not switch up writing styles, which means I lost a lot of incentive to respond to future award / tag posts. Sorry about that.

I: I answer them but I will group a bunch together because it can get tough to keep up. I post daily and I don’t do episodic reviews so I appreciate the topics. Then again I don’t want to convert my blog to just being blogging awards all the time.

I: I think it’s important to acknowledge nominations/tags but it’s ok if you simply can’t answer them. Just ignoring them altogether is a little cold in my opinion.

***I’ll be honest, if you ignored a nomination from me, I’m 100% fine with it***

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that suit is a problem

Do you have a responsibility to point out problematic aspects in anime/games… (whatever you are reviewing?

R: I think it’s nice if you do so. But you have to be careful with wording or else people will twist your words. You also have to understand that some people may strongly disagree with you. So be firm yet polite and understanding. Like a yamato nadeshiko.

I: I make some assumptions about my readers. For instance, I assume that they are old enough to pick up on sarcasm and understand the concept of a parody. That my obvious liberal leaning will attract like-minded readers. That said, I have enjoyed and have gushed over anime that probably isn’t appropriate for young children or that has certain elements that just aren’t acceptable. I don’t point this out as I think my followers already know all these things, but considering the current climate maybe I should mention once in awhile that women aren’t things and that talking problems out is more effective than violence. But that’s soooooo preachy.

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my go to solution

How should you deal with behavior from others you don’t like?

R: I either just like their comment if I find said comment to be more annoying than negative (which is similar to smiling when you feel dead inside), or I flat-out ignore the comment. Or I try to gently correct them, but some people are simply hopeless.

I: I honestly don’t know what to do. I mean it’s just blogging, not worth making a whole thing about. Do you guys know what to do? Is there one of you I can hire as an enforcer?

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What do you do if someone plagiarized you? What if it’s not the same but really close or stating the same thesis?

R: I just tell myself that “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.” It’s nice knowing that you’re a source of inspiration?

R: With that being said, I don’t think anyone has done this with my content yet? Or perhaps I’m just oblivious. Hm.

I: As far as I know this hasn’t happened to me…YET. But it has happened to a blogger friend of mine and I was really wondering what I would do if I was ever in that position.

I: I’m nowhere near as agreeable as Remy so I would probably comment something passive aggressive like : “Great post, I completely agree” then link to my post!!! Yes I know what we said but this is for a good cause. Revenge is a good cause, right??

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It seemed important that you see this pic

Do you need to have permission before linking to someone else’s blog?

R: If I’m a little distant with the person (while also being on speaking terms with said person), then I might opt to ask if I can link their blog or post beforehand. Otherwise I just go for it and hope they don’t file a complaint! They would win the lawsuit every time.

R: …Actually, I’ve only asked for permission once. Never mind. Just link to their blog posts if you want to and give them a surprise!

I: I used to do this every time. In fact, there are a few blogs I didn’t link to because I never got an answer from the author so I ended up rewriting my post, but I quickly realized no one else ever does it. Not a single person has asked for permission to link to my blog and I didn’t mind at all.

I: In fact, the surprise was a little thrilling. I have no clue why I’m writing in the past tense. Whenever I get a ping on my blog, I experience a pleasant jolt. It gives me a small sense of accomplishment every single time.

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Is it ok to directly contact bloggers (i.e. use the contact page?)

R: I think it’s totally fine. That’s why the contact pages are there! To be used! Surely there are some bloggers who are waiting for someone to use their contact page.

R: With that being said, I think the situation changes depending on what you’re sending to the blogger. If you’re asking them questions about the hierarchy of food and condiments, then you better be sure they can take a joke!

I: Admittedly, I don’t have that many followers so it’s not like I’m getting inundated by emails but personally, I LOVE when people use my contact page. I’m not sure why but those contact emails, even those that are just a random comment that goes nowhere, always get me super excited.

I: I imagine that bigger bloggers that get tons of emails regularly probably might consider it more of an imposition, unless you have a specific reason to contact them. Not my case!

***I love that meme – very Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared***

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NOT AN ETIQUETTE QUESTION but I’ve always been curious – what is the average growth rate of a blog?

I: In the end it really makes no difference, I just like numbers, is all. When I first started I had a nebulous goal in mind to reach 365 followers by my one year mark. This seemed pretty ambitious as it would imply a new person actively choosing to read more of my stuff every single day(!). In a couple of decades,  real life Irina has only managed to get roughly 3 people to listen to her about anime. Oh my, I’m talking about myself in the third person, this is how it starts, folks. My fall-back position was 52 followers. Like, I would be happy with anything between 52 and 365. Still the case. But once in awhile, people ask me about follower count and I’m not sure how to respond.

I: Remy didn’t answer, I guess he doesn’t know. OR he chose mid-collab to top talking to me… Good burn Rem, resspek.

R: Ah, I wasn’t sure how to answer this one. I didn’t ditch you, Iri! Plus, I wanted to actually let you answer a question first since I was bit too gung-ho and did that for all of the other questions…

R: From what I can gather, the people who make vague comments about follower counts are either impressed or jealous.

R: For example, you can take a look at my modest stats. I remember that it took me 6 months to reach 60 followers. Then it took me another 6 months to reach 230 followers. And then 6 months after that (as in after my first blogging anniversary) and I’m sitting at 440 followers. I guess what I’m trying to say is I had to endure a bit before people actually noticed me. But after I got through the honeymoon period, my growth increased by quite a bit! Thank you, everyone, for bothering to read my crap!

R: However, I’m definitely not the most unfortunate. In fact, I’m rather lucky. Some other bloggers who definitely put out a lot of quality content have even less followers. There is no justice.

R: Anyways, that’s my take on things. I hope this collaboration proved to be informative.

I: Nevermind guys, he answered…

I: Oh follower count is definitely not a mark of quality. There are some tremendous blogs out there that are just inexplicably underrated. I’m always grateful to find one myself. And in the end if even a handful of people like your stuff that’s already impressive and more than everyone who doesn’t have a blog can say…

Did you all enjoy reading this? I enjoyed writing it! Did you learn anything? I did. Would you like to see more of these types of posts about blogging? 

Should I just go back to what I usually do? (rhetorical – it’s just an excuse to post this gif)

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  1. On the subject of blogging etiquette, do you consider it appropriate to post intentionally controversial topics or “click bait” titles and images just to garner followers? I am trying to gather new folks and I have been advised to make my topics “racier”. What are your thoughts?

    1. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything “inappropriate” per see but it’s a bit of a gamble. If you pick a title and/or featured image that’s misleading, your readers may end up feeling let down and put off. This can end up having the opposite effect and leave people reticent to give your blog a chance. If you pick racier topics and actually write about them but without much conviction or passion since the subject doesn’t necessarily interest you personally, then you risk putting out poor content. So although there’s nothing wrong with discussing what you could consider a click bait topic, I would advise picking one you actually have something to say about.
      This said, my blog is pretty Disney Channel, mainstream and family friendly so I don’t have that much personal experience with this question.

      1. Mine is not Disney Channel. Oh, most are PG, PG-13, a few Rs. I have found that the more skin shows the more views it gets. Toss the words naked and nude into the tags and viewership jumps dramatically.

        But, you know, it doesn’t matter. I don’t write for anyone but me. I don’t express anything unless I really want to express it. I write about a wide range of different topics important to me. It is nice to have followers but I wouldn’t be upset if I had fewer. That’s not why I write. Everything is just a sideline. Life in general is the big show.

  2. oh my goodness, grammar is so important to me IM SORRY Orz but I just can’t read a post that has so many issues with it. it’s hard to read and i’m not saying my stuff is perfect but i think that as a blogger, we should put some effort into trying to make it readable. so if there’s a lot of errors i probably won’t be finishing the post or returning. i know this sounds terrible but i do this with everything. as for pointing it out, i think it’s ok IF THEY WANT IT. some people make it really clear somewhere on their blog and some people don’t really care. they just write and want to have fun and to be nitpicky like that is mean. in conclusion i don’t mess with this stuff

    i like responding to tags and awards. i think they’re a fun way to change things up on the blog but i guess it depends on how much you care about how your followers will react. if you like to do them, i think you should do them regardless. if you don’t like to, then don’t. i also think that these types of posts are a nice way to get more people to check out your blog. i know i tend to check out others who have done the same award because they’re easy/quick to read

    i don’t think i’ve gotten mean comments on my blog before but as a writer i’ve gotten quite a few things. i just smile, leave a quick reply and say thanks for reading. if they keep coming back then i just leave it. i’m not one for confrontation and i like to keep my stuff away from hateful speech. if i ever got something really bad then that’s what the delete button is for (their comment not the blog, LOL)

    i’ve never had anything on my blog plagiarized?? i think, i never check and nobody has ever told me. as for me, i have been inspired by other blogger’s content but i ask them before writing about the same thing (but giving my own thoughts on it). i actually did this once for NaBloPoMo and i said this in my post and then linked to the original. i didn’t want people to think i was actually creative 😛 and yeah, i think that if there’s a contact form it’s because people don’t mind being contacted. but i also don’t use it because I just use twitter to talk with others

    and i don’t ask others when i link to their posts. i think it’s ok to just do it IF you’re being nice. if i got linked to a page where they were saying my opinion sucked or my post sucked then HA of course i’d be mad and idk what i’d do. is there a way to unlink it?! xD but if i check it out and they’re linking me and it’s nice or neutral it’s a good way to have others check out my post and have me check out someone’s post

    great collab posts 🙂

  3. I found all of this totally agreeable. The second part was just as awesome, so thank you both for putting this out in the world. I’ll probably be coming back to it a few times.

    1. Also, Irina, I can 100% relate to having a liberal slant when it comes to talking about anime and manga. Personally, I think for some shows it’s very important to point out things that are problematic.

  4. I wouldn’t mind if someone send me a message pointing out my mistake, English is not my native language and there is always place to improvement, as long as it’s done and said correctly. When I was running my kpop blog, I got a comment about my grammar, the comment felt more like a personal attack and this is mostly because the who left the comment wasn’t happy about what I was saying.

    About plagiarism… there is that one guy who thought it was a good idea to copy/paste a part of one of my blog in his own blog. I already contact him, got no reply yet. Since there is no comment on the post yet, I will not send an other message, but I will keep an eye on it.

      1. lol controversial me? cause I said something that was the opposite of the opinion of a fan of the group I was talking about?
        I don’t care about biased opinion, I’m biased too, but I’m not delusional either. If i don’t like a song performed by my favorite group, I will not say I like the song just cause it’s made by them.

        People have the right to disagree with each other, turn it into a personal attack that something else. It’s just being butthurt…

          1. lolol come in the kpop world and you will meet a lot of butthurt fan, Soon as you say something that is the opposite than what they say, they get angry and attack you for no reason. Their favorite method is drag down your favorite group, like all mature human.

  5. Really loved both parts of this! There are definitely a lot of grey areas or parts where you are darned if you do, darned if you don’t. Like (as mentioned in part 1), sometimes trying to come up with good, quality comments. Sometimes I feel like I’m just going on a liking spree that I make the person wonder if I’m actually reading their posts, but most of those time, I just have nothing to say! Either the author covered it well in their post, or someone said it better already. Or sometimes my computer being loud and hot again and I just have no time to spend on crafting a comment before having to give my laptop a break.

    Blogs also seem to go through growth spurts. As you both have said, some quality bloggers have low counts while someone who posts two-lines once in a blue moon have triple. It’s where all the “in case you missed it” or “posts I really enjoyed” come in handy.

  6. I came here in order! (I’m so proud LOL)
    Again, this was awesome, what better than two of my favourite bloggers doing a collab?

    Grammar mistakes: I don’t mind being publicly corrected, I just feel bad I made them 🙂
    Plagiarism: I personally hate people who copy, so I think the measures should be a little more strict? Again, it depends on what was copied. If it was mimicry, it’s a different thing, but if it was something like… using drawings/ stories/poetry you MADE, then well, that’s just…..
    Everything else: Agree.

    I forgot to add this in Remy-nii’s post, but it looks like he’s reading the comments on this one too, so yeah.
    Names and Identity: If a blogger doesn’t reveal their real name and nationality, but you DO come across it elsewhere, I think you shouldn’t address them using real names unless you have their permission.
    And…. that’s it.

  7. Grammar: On WordPress, the only person I correct is one person who I learnt, from a bit of discussion with them, appreciates corrections (since their native language isn’t English). I tried dealing with grammar/spelling/punctuation/expression errors on another site and it didn’t end well, so I don’t want to repeat that saga.

    Award posts: I’ve only gotten one award so far, but I’ve decided I’ll just link back to older awards from newer nominations. You are under no obligation to answer to award nominations unless you make a blog specifically for them, in my view. (However, should you decline an award, you should decline nicely and respect the nominator’s feelings.)

    Problematic aspects: Like someone else in these comments says, it’s a critic’s job to point these out. If I don’t like a show/manga I drop it, so anything I’m left with after a while has to have some redeeming qualities or justifications for its problems. It’s not really a “responsibility” though and there are plenty more post ideas out there if you don’t want to criticise something.

    People you don’t like: Block them, ignore them, report them (whatever is necessary for the situation). As I said on part 1, don’t feed the trolls.

    Plagiarism: I’m probably too much of a WordPress rookie to be plagiarised, but if I ever did get plagiarised, it would depend on how obvious the plagiarism is.

    Linking back: Why would you ever need to ask someone before linking back to their blog?

    Direct contact: Pretty much what Remy said.

    Growth rate: I’ve tried a few different blog sites, so the growth rate is kinda weird at first, then there’ll be a lot of followers and then there may be a cooling-off period where people mass-unfollow you. Generally, the longer your blog exists and the more you post, the more people know about it.

    Once again I have left an obnoxiously long comment, so hopefully you enjoy reading through it.

    1. I love long comments – it gives actual substance to my posts!!! I never thought of creating an award specific blog. That’s an interesting thought

  8. @Grammar, etc.: I learned the hard way that some people don’t like to be corrected. I used to comment on mistakes in three contexts:

    – You run into a pet peeve that could have easily been avoided (i.e. using thou/thee/thy/thine without knowing how)
    – You inadvertantly create a humorous effect (my favourite – which I didn’t actually point out since the situation didn’t call for it: “omg i just saw a plain barley land” – this wasn’t about the horrors of monoculture; the poster has witnessed a near aviation accident).
    – You correct someone else, but there was no mistake to be corrected in the first place (though, usually, the correction also works)

    I no longer correct anything, except – maybe – in the third context if the correction to be corrected is phrased in an obnoxious manner or would actually introduce a mistake.

    Personally, I don’t mind being corrected. I’m a scatterbrain: sometimes I go as far forgetting whole words, or starting one sentence and finish another. I should prove-read my posts more, though if I do that, the chance that I scrap the post instead of correcting it is high.

    @ Problematic stuff: There’s no responsibility to point out problematic stuff, but if someone feels the need to address problematic stuff in the comments, it is your responsibility not to get publicly mad, I think. (Of course, you can always disagree.)

    Finally, stuff that’s systematically problematic deserves its own post and should be kept out of individual reviews. For example, it’d be tedious to rehash the problems of the idol industry in every single idol-show review – even if each show supports problematic aspects in different ways.

    @Followers: I sort of wonder which number is greater: the number of people who follow but don’t regularily read your blog, or the number of people who regularily read but don’t follow your blog. (As I said over at Remy’s blog, I’ve never “followed” a single blog in my life).

    1. Plain barley is horrific – ask Buddy, he hates it. I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that actual readers is what we’re aiming for.

  9. Ah the rewards… I should’ve said something to the people who nominated me, but I honestly didn’t even feel right about doing them. I’m trying to find ways to improve my posts right now so that I can be a little more proud of them. Ehhhhh.

    I feel a need to point out a lot of problematic materials in anime, but not all of them. I think it stems from not knowing many anime fans as a kid and constantly trying to justify it as a medium. It really is frustrating when you want to show someone an amazingly complex story and they’re just like, “Why are her bewbs so big? Is this porn!?”.

    But aside from that I don’t think I’ll have to worry about being plagiarized. Like my first comment above, I just want to focus on making my own thing now. Problem with that is where does inspiration stop and imitation begin?

    1. Well I think up to a certain point we all tend to imitate each other but sometimes it’s pretty clear when a section of text is copy/pasted…
      I like your writing but I know what you mean by wanting to improve. Once in awhile I reread a post and think – huh I did a good job. That’s an awesome feeling and it’s just not the same as when someone else tells you.

      1. Very true and I appreciate the complement ^_^
        I really can’t stop comparing myself to YouTube reviewers who keep making me literally LOL. I’m pretty worried that if I tried making something like that it would seem like blatant copying.

  10. I actually don’t mind when someone points out I’ve made a horrendous typo or error (particularly in the title of the post or similar). I think it is better to be able to correct it than just leave it there. That said, nit-picking about commas and the like… It’s a blog and for most of us a hobby. I am incredibly pedantic about grammar in real life and at work I’m the go-to person for editing of documents. My blog gets a once over for grammar but I’m more worried about the actual content, and to be honest it wouldn’t be a break from work anymore if I had to sit and edit it to the same degree.
    As to contacting bloggers, I think more people should use the contact. Whether it is to ask a question, suggest a topic, request a collaboration or a guest blog spot. People need to not worry so much about what the response might be and just do it. Most bloggers are also looking to connect with other bloggers and will probably be really happy they were contacted.

    1. See, I would have thought you get dozens of emails a day. Well now I feel even more emboldened to contact other bloggers left and right!

      1. Very few contacts actually and while I’ve had the occasional question and request for a collaboration, some of these aren’t followed up on after the inital exchanges (though I’ve been the guilty party once or twice on that one). I guess, worst case scenario, you contact someone and they don’t reply. As long as you aren’t being rude in your initial contact it is unlikely that you will get a negative response from someone who openly displays a contact link.

  11. Well I already said over on Remy’s post how awesome this idea was, so I guess I will say it again (that and I don’t want to become the Raistlin with the Black Robes that turns into an evil dude 😈😈).
    Seriously though. I really enjoyed reading these and the response you are getting on the, is overwhelming I have seen and very deserved 😀
    I once read a post about awards that said that he really liked them, but at a point it just became to overwhelming and his blog turned into awards central instead of writing about what he liked to write. I agree with it being a really amazing form of flattery and it is a real honor, but it can get out of hand. When I wrote yesterdays post, I made an inventory of all the awards I have still to write a post for. That number is nearly thirty now. And I have not even counted tags yet. Like you I now try to group them as well, but there will come a point where I just am going to try and cut down on these a bit, as much as I appreciate every one of them 😀
    Luckily so far I have not met a single person here on WordPress that has turned into a nasty or obnoxious person. Everyone here is just incredible and very nice, unlike YouTube for instance.
    Links I don’t mind at all. If someone wants to give a shout out, or a reblog, that is always appreciated.
    Seeing the counter for your blog go up is a fascinating process. I have always said it, I like writing a lot, and if it manages to entertain others that is even better. Of course I think it’s awesome when I see my blog growing and gathering up new followers. But it’s not the most important thing for me. I just like blogging in general and the interaction with others is really the best thing about it 😊
    As I said: great post…and to answer your question: I would love to see more posts like these in the future 😀

  12. This was a great continuation from part 1.

    The grammar issue is tricky. Sometimes, I won’t notice my errors that spellcheck didn’t pick up until later, so I’ll edit the post to make it more grammatical. I also don’t want to make a stink of anyone’s post if they have a misspelling or two. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black more often than not.

    I do believe it’s a reviewer’s “job” to point out the pros and cons of whatever they’re critiquing. For me, it can be tough to word things or setting the right tone because I do my best not to sound like a fanboy or some flaming hater if I really like or really hate something. One aspect that makes it tougher is that I have some opinions that are contrary to what other reviewers say, I may drop some truth bombs about a bad aspect or theme, and some of the movies, anime, and documentaries I’ve reviewed contains some controversial content which could trigger some people. With that being said, I have to be as rational as I can. Everything has flaws and everything has a silver lining in media.

    The plagiarism issue is strange. It hasn’t happened to me, to the best of my knowledge, but if I find out about it, I will call whoever out on their copying of my stuff from any of my blogs.

    If someone links to my stuff and is civil about it, I don’t mind. If someone wants to give me a shout-out, I’d like that (as egotistical as it sounds). I will admit that I’ve linked people before, and I always to it to cross-promote, giving a positive example, and/or giving them a shout-out.

    1. You know it says something about my lack of vision but I hadn’t even considered the option of linking to another blog in a negative or critical context… This opens up a world of possibilities!

      1. Hahaha! Trust me, I was tempted to link some other people in a negative light in one of my most controversial reviews to show how wrong they were, but I resisted because that would’ve backfired and I didn’t want to be a troll.

  13. Talks about being burned out on responding to award posts.
    Forms a 3 man cult to spam nominate me.

    About correcting others’ grammar: I really just straight up comment on said post and ask them to delete my comment after. My blog has no contact page (help how do I get it back) so maybe that’s why nobody has every tried to correct my typos? Haha!

      1. … I don’t bite!
        And seriously I’m missing having free time to write blog posts.
        I mean, I had pretty much looked forward to at least collaborate with you once but fate decided that it would not happen.

        That is unless you are fine with putting release progress on massive halt like ufotable did with God Eater. Lol.

  14. More prompts to respond to!

    [Correcting grammar]

    I super don’t care about SPaG errors on my posts or others. There are a few exceptions, such as when you publish for a professional organisation, or if the post is supposed to be your magnum opus, but who cares in all other cases? As long as it’s legible on release then there’s no need to be correcting anybody. Unpaid bloggers don’t need to be held to industry standards.


    I stopped bothering with them after the first 2 or 3. People are usually sincere when they nominate you, but the ease at which they make the rounds tends to devalue the meaning of an ‘award’. Sure, they’re primarily just excuses to generate more content for the blog, but even then the same questions get asked over and over again. Plus with my posting schedule, I’m pretty sure it would take up over half the blog.

    [Problem anime]

    I don’t do reviews, but if I did, that would be the sort of thing I’d pay attention to. There’s certainly no ‘responsibility’ to speak up about it, but I certainly can’t imagine why you’d want to hold those opinions back if you had them. It’s best to educate yourself first though. There’s nothing worse than trying to call out a problematic anime, only to find it’s *you* with the problematic viewpoint.

    [Bad Apples]

    Ignore and move on. Poking the bear is never going to net positive. Plus my worst experiences in the anime community have been as of result of trying to engage bad actors. If someone else is on the receiving end of it, then just let them know you have their back. Use blocking features if you need to.


    Never happened to me so far. Probably wouldn’t care if it did. Supposing I was bothered, I could always enlist friends on social media to help make it clear to as many people as possible, that I am the one responsible for the original -whatever it is.


    If it is flattery, I don’t ask. If it’s critique/rebuttals then yes, and I’d expect other people to do the same. I wouldn’t want their followers dog-pilling my website because their favourite blogger posted a response article about me.


    I LOVE talking to anime people, and I typically give special attention to those who personally reach out to me via DM and email. I only speak for myself of course, because I can easily understand why others would find it cumbersome to have all that attention and responsibility. If I had to say anything, it would be that if you do contact somebody, don’t do it with an expectation of getting a response. That is unfair on them and will only set you up for bitter disappointment if they don’t get in touch.


    Been blogging for a year and a half and have about 75 followers. I don’t put myself out there and I don’t post regularly so that explains why I’m below the mark compared to the time invested. I’m happy though. I tend to interact a huge amount with the few bloggers I do connect with, so keeping it small scale helps facilitate that.

    This was a fun back and forth between you and remy. Got me engaged, which rarely happens these days, so good on you! Haha!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts – there have been some great comments on here and I’m tempted to reedit the post to include them directly in it.
      I’m very glad you enjoyed the read – high praise indeed.

  15. “The Pros share their thoughts about daily problems we blogger encounter”
    What could possibly be better than that?

    Sometimes I feel kinda left out. Am I really the only one who has never came into contact with a rough comment, neither in the virtual world (Blog, Twitter, FB…) nor in the real world. I wonder how it feels like (._.

    I have no idea how to use the contact page. There were times when I would go up to someone’s contact page, but then I would chicken out as i actually have nothing to say.
    Well…. I hope I will contact someone….. someday.

    It was a really enjoyable and informative post, thanks for sharing your views on this topic!

    PS: Blend the cereal and milk together. It’s a paste now.
    (In reference to le random muppet meme)

    1. You are not the only one – In fact I posted about never getting a mean comment a few days ago 🙂 It’s weirdly unsettling isn’t it?
      Also, Remy might qualify but I gots a long way to go to earn that pro title…I’m an enthusiast.

            1. As in like, I can’t imagine you being mean easily either, not me not being mean.

              Oops. I see what you mean about stray comments XD

  16. I do the same thing as Remy regarding comments I don’t like. I’ll either like it or ignore it, and the same goes for Twitter replies.

    I have never told someone about a grammar or spelling mistake. I guess I don’t want to be put in that position but if it’s someone I really like then I guess I will PM them. I’ve never thought about that before. Although if I have a grammar or spelling mistake, most of the time it’s because I didn’t proofread or was in a rush haha… I am 100% okay with constructive feedback. It’s such a normal thing in the academic community in school.

  17. correcting grammar: remy’s tweet on this subject (and similar response in this post) really made me want to start taking the same approach. ive never liked commenting on the mistakes because i know people can get really defensive about them, but a pm seems reasonable enough. im with remy here…playing editor is great

    awards/tags: i know it’s a social thing, but these kinds of posts have always seemed like glorified chain letters to me. i always hope that anyone that nominates me doesnt take it personally, but ive never wanted to perpetuate any of them.

    pointing out problematic aspects: couldnt fully tell from the responses, but it sounds like this is restricted to socially backwards ideologies or concepts presented in media. if so, my feelings arent usually strong enough to make a point of them.

    ppl you dont like: meh…probably just ignore them as well

    plagiarism: …why would anyone even want to?

    permission for linking: it’s not something i would do. i dont think anyone should feel obligated to ask for my permission to link to my blog either. id be happy for the recognition.

    contacting directly: same response as remy. why would i have the page if i didnt want you to use it? one of my longest-running blogger friends was a guy i randomly pinged through his contact page

    normal growth: my blog’s not exactly the greatest model because the idea of followers wasnt the same when i started, and ive switched on and off wordpress through the years.

    1. Well I certainly agree with everything here – and most of your points on Remy’s blog except for the award/tags: I don’t think their glorified…just plain chain letters. But that’s kind of nice. Like I said – I fully understand people who aren’t interested in playing along and frankly, as fun as those posts are to read (and they are very popular), I wouldn’t call them my greatest works or anything and I don’t think anyone has ever been proudest of an awards post they’ve written.

      1. thinking on it a bit more, i will concede that many of those posts are aimed towards forcing you to reveal more of your personality by answering the questions. they have a purpose and can be entertaining to read in that sense, but i dont personally think they should be framed as awards.

  18. I really enjoyed this insightful post! It’s nice to get some good advice from the pros 😛

    But really, your answers to these question started to make me think about how I would handle things like plagiarism or if someone wrote a toxic comment on a post of mine. Better to prepare early than later.

  19. Awww part 2 was just as lovely and thought-provoking as part 1!

    On the topic of awards, I love reading them as a break but I’m really rubbish at doing them. I think I have one waiting for me to do that I need to do. I don’t think I’d do the same awards twice, I’d probably repost the original post and append a thank you to the new person that nominated me.

    I think problematic aspects is a very personal thing too. It depends on the content you’re creating and who you are. For example, problematic aspects of anime was something that pushed me away from anime in the first place, having the chance the discuss that is part of why I blog. It doesn’t mean every post I do has that, but I always try to have it in mind to mention because that’s who I am.

    Plagiarism is an interesting element. I don’t think I’ve ever plagiarised, but if I’m specifically inspired by a post I’d probably write my “version” and link to the original that inspired me too.

  20. I have a somewhat complicated question for you guys, putting this link here https://remyfoolblog.com/ so Remy can see this too.

    I made a Justice League Anime post a while ago where I fill in each spot of the Justice League with anime characters and there was recently somebody who made copied the idea and put in their own characters. All that is fine by me and they even linked my post in theirs. All that is fine for me, but here is the most complicated part.

    They might be making this post idea into a tag and I am not sure how I feel about that. Is there anyway that I should respond or write? I’m trying to not come off as a jerk so I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hmm, that’s a tough one.

      I’m going to assume the how you feel about it is – you don’t want it to be a tag(?) if so you probably have your reasons and I would PM him with those reasons. In the end though, you might not be able to stop it but the guy seems reasonable so far.

      Maybe you could suggest an alternative to separate the tag from your original post – Anime Model UN or something….

      1. I’m in agreement with Irina here. Sometimes you gotta be direct and confront others. PM the guy and let him know how you feel in a polite manner. Hopefully the situation goes the way you want it to. Best of luck, Scott!

      2. I’ve been thinking about this all day, but decided not to do anything. It’s not like I have a completely original idea anyway and it would be fun to see the idea spread farther.

  21. These were both great posts that I’m sure a lot of people will get a lot of value from. Both of your blogs are some of my favourites to see in my Reader each day; the fact you both take what you do seriously really shines through in your work, which both reflects your knowledge and passion for your subject matter, and your own personalities. Long may it continue!

    1. Pete, stop that. There’s no way I can live up to such exaggeration (it is really nice to hear though…)
      Thank you so much, I’m really happy you enjoyed it.

  22. I personally enjoyed reading this post. Wait, does it count when I’m a part of this?
    I learned things, too, teach.
    Seeing more posts about blogging could be nice every so often!

    (Great gif. Some great pics in this posts as a whole, to be honest. It was fun co-writing this with ya!)

      1. If I were lying, then my bulbous nose would increase in size even more!

        Since that doesn’t seem to be happening, then it must mean I’m telling the truuuuuth.

        Wow, that’s my line!

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