Kuroko’s Basketball

Genre: Sports!!!  Episodes: 75 Studio: Production I.G   A group of color coded super basketball powered boys go their separate ways after dominating the world in junior high. The shadow sixth member of their alliance decides to join his new high school’s basketball team in the hopes of defeating his past team mates and ends more


Genre : Drama, Romance, School life Episodes: 13 Studio: TMS Entertainment   Sad looser Arata Kaizaki decides it’s about time to start making smart choices and get his life back on track! His first step is to accept mysterious drugs from a stranger he meets in a dark deserted street. Best decision ever! I know that there more

Sound! Euphonium 1 and 2

Genre : Drama, School life, Sports (hear me out) Episodes: 26 Studio: Kyoto Animation   After playing euphonium all through junior high, Kumiko, a sweet but somewhat aimless high school student, finds herself roped into joining her high school’s orchestra club with her new friends. She soon meets up with Reina, an old band mate, and slowly more

Bungo Stray Dogs 2

Genre : Supernatural, Action, Steampunk, Presumptuous Episodes: 12 Studio Bones    All hell is breaking loose as three separate rival groups of superhumans are quickly heading for all-out war while trying to avoid the destruction of the city around them. I liked season 1 but I loved season 2. The arc starts with 4 flashback episodes more

Bungo Stray Dogs

Genre : Supernatural, Action, Steampunk, Presumptuous Episodes: 12 Studio Bones    Emo orphan with weird haircut and super powers gets recruited by small group of similarly superpowered eccentrics to fight bad and do general household chores. Ok, short answer, I really like this anime. It’s another of those ones where if you dig too deep for more

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

  Genre : Fantasy, Comedy, Slice of Life, Inappropriate Fanserv Episodes: 13 Studio: Kyoto Animation   A character entirely based on me, drunkenly stumbles onto a wounded interdimensional dragon while trying to get home from a fun night out and invites said dragon to live with her. Regrets and adorableness happen.  This is one of these more

Yuri!!! on Ice

Genre : Sports, BL  Episodes: 12 Studio MAPPA    Never-been competitive skater Yuri Katsuki gets a second chance when superstar skater Victor Nikiforov spontaneously decides to coach him because reasons. Also, has rivalry with tsundere shota named Yuri as well. Fanservicy hijinks ensue!!! This should have been one of my all-time faves. After all, sports anime are more