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Anime Winter 2019 – Week 4 Roundup!

Hi guys, not much preamble this week. Instead let’s get to the anime! Week 4 should be when the people who stick to the 3 episode rule stat dropping anime eft and right so I’m a little worried this post will be a shadow of its former self  ut let’s just see what we got.


Top 5 DIY Posts I Really Should Write Already!

As I type this, I’ve published 695 posts on this blog (by the time this goes live, it will be well over 700). Exactly two of those posts are DIY posts or roughly 0.28%…. Yet I somehow never ever stop talking about those posts. It’s like I’m trying to convince myself I’m some type of...


Death of the Author – Is Anime Art in a Vacuum?

Generally speaking I’m a proponent of approaching anime as a self-contained product. In practice that means I try to disregard the source material, reputation and pedigree of a show and simply enjoy it on its own merits. Occasionally this can get tricky but it’s my preferred method. I expounded a bit on it in this...


Hozuki’s Coolheadedness – cool head, warm heart..also cold heart!

Genre: Slice of Death, Supernatural, Yokai, comedy, folklore Episodes: 13 Studio: Wit Studio Hell is nothing if not… efficient! Judging all those souls, dealing out appropriate punishment, making time for diplomatic relations with all the other hells, it can really be… Well you get the idea.  It takes a lot of work to keep a...


Boogiepop and Shania and Irina ep 6 – Lonely Hearts

Shania from Quotable Creations ( and I have not yet given up on this show, although from what I’ve seen i my weekly round up post, interest has cooled off a bit on this one.  That’s O.K. though because Shania and I are here to let you know what you’re missing. Aren’t you lucky!


Anime Winter 2019 – Week 3 Roundup!

Buddy is sick. He’s been throwing up all day. Well not all day but he threw up a few times and now he won’t eat. It’s not that big a deal I know but I turn into a huge baby when something’s wrong with him. It’s just the worst when your pets don’t feel well....


Top 5 Ways to Combat Anime Exhaustion

I’ve warned all of you before! Anime exhaustion is real, and it can strike at any time! Fortunately, I’ve only ever suffered from real mild cases myself and the symptoms passed within 24 hours, but even that was grueling. I can only imagine what long term bouts could feel like. Thankfully, there are some at...