I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Karandi has had a very busy week and is going to be a little swamped in the coming weeks. I sure hope I’m wrong. Girl, you gotta take a break. I mean I’m not one to talk but I usually have time to at least watch some anime. Anime deficiency has got to be bad for your health!

It was a busy week, though to be fair I did spend two days of it ridiculously ill with a stomach bug that had been going around town so now I mostly feel the need to just sleep. That said, I actually caught up on a few shows because there wasn’t a lot else I could do. I don’t know that anime helps my health but it certainly makes being stuck at home a lot more bearable.

Oh no, anime deficiency got to your stomach!

I’m not gonna lie, I find How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Ω really hard to review. Like this week for instance. The episode was fine. It wasn’t awful but I also don’t really think it was great. Nothing jumped out at me. It was par for the course for the season and that about sums it up. 

Totally have to agree with that. Even introducing a black dragon couldn’t really move this beyond being watchable. Stuff happened and I didn’t feel bored while watching but ultimately I wouldn’t say this episode did anything really worth remarking upon. It didn’t even manage to finally get rid of that really lame villain.

However, I think I did notice something about the season in general. Maybe this was also the case for season 1, I’m not sure. I think How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Ω is really a show that should be binged. An episode like this week would be fine nicely sandwiched between last week’s crazy idol show and whatever happens next. A sort of unmemorable stepping stone that blends into the whole. Then again, I guess if a viewer isn’t reviewing them afterwards and actively thinking on each episode, weekly viewings are a bit different.

Weekly viewing is its own thing compared to binge watching and some shows benefit from the delay between sessions and the viewers thinking things through and processing. How Not To Summon a Demon Lord isn’t one of them. The more you think about it, the worse it actually seems and yet while you are watching you can just kind of flow from one event to the next, so yeah, binge watching would be the better option. 

I only took two notes and one was: well that was obviously a girl. I was actually very surprised when they started referring to Horn as a boy since the character model looked so much like a girl and I thought, huh, a boy in the harem. Well, that’s different! So this week’s reveal was a lot more of an oh nevermind, than an OMG! for me. I was more surprised and confused as to why they thought she was a boy in the first place. Then they mentioned that she was wearing boy’s clothes and I had never even noticed. I guess women in this universe rarely wear pants.

In any case, I’m thinking Horn is the Krem character of the season. I think I like her a bit better. I have a thing for the bunny girls of this universe I guess. 

I’m with you in that it was incredibly obvious Horn was a girl and I was always confused as to why anyone in the show thought otherwise. So that reveal wasn’t much of a reveal. Also, I kind of thought for like a moment things were actually going to get more tense when Diablo lost his staff and his cloak but then he fights a dragon and it while he seemed worried spell casting would take longer it really didn’t. So ultimately zero ramification there other than an excuse for a costume change for everyone except Shera for some reason. And I think the costume designs actually got more revealing if that was even possible for this show where they don’t actually seem to understand functional armour design.

Except for Diablo’s costume for some reason. That one just got more epic looking.

The other note was: Demon Lord gets its own Ram! Can’t really elaborate on that. It was a fine character design. I’m not super fond of the jealousy trope in these shows. I really like harems where the members seem to like each other as much (occasionally more) than they do their master. Is that the right term? You know the harem core. This isn’t getting clearer. Basically, whether it’s a harem full of girls or full or boys (or both, we should get more of those shows. Where are all the bisexual harems!?! This conversation is getting off track), I like when they get along really well. It’s just more fun usually. At least for me.

Man Karadi, I sure hope you come and rescue this post with some insights cause I’m pretty thin on them this week! 

I have no insight. How Not To Summon a Demon Lord continues to walk that very fine line for me where a few moments of its fan-service start to push my limits a little bit and season 2 so far has managed at least one of those moments every episode. Season one at least made up for it by being ridiculously fun whereas season two is an alright kind of show but there’s not as much of a hook to offset those moments that make me a little less comfortable. But hey, they’ve set up a fight against 300 fallen for next week. That might even take Diablo like a minute to defeat.

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  1. Hmmm… And I felt like the fanservice had gotten less squicky because of the absence of an obviously prepubescent harem partner. So much for that theory.

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