So welcome to my new feature! Every week, I plan to tell you guys about a webcomic I am enjoying so that maybe some of you will discover a story you like. For now, I plan to concentrate on webcomics that are posted by the author and as such completely legal to read for free over the internet. I may eventually venture into scanslations if I think something is really worth it but I wanted to give you guys some options that are easy to find and accessible to all. Since a lot of us are still spending a lot of time indoors, it’s a good time to expand our libraries a little with some new reading material.

And I have something really fun for you guys today Nan Hao & Shang Feng.

There seems to be a trend in manhwa towards softer more transparent colours. They create an effect a bit like watercolours and I eat it up. I honestly just love this technique and find that a lot of my favourite art in webcomics is in manhwa. Of course, Nan Hao & Shang Feng is no exception. Look at those pretty colours!

In substance, I would compare Nan Hao & Shang Feng to Daily Lives of High School Boys. These are short, fairly independent strips that are entirely meant to make you laugh. Like most 4-koma comedies, some work better than others but I did giggle regularly!

At its core, it’s really a story about the goofy friendships we form in high school and how silly, stupid, exasperating and touching they can be! Somehow, with very few words to that effect, I have no doubt that Hao and Feng are very good friends. And the girls as well for that matter.

The great thing about short strips like this is that you can read a few and then just go on with your life, and if you’re in the mood to go back to it 3 months later, jump right back in. You don’t need to keep complicated plots in your head or get into some specific mental and emotional state. It’s just a few laughs with friends!

So if you’re in the mood for a bit of fun, check out Nan Hao & Shang Feng HERE or HERE.

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  1. I love seeing recommendations, specially when it’s things that we can consume legally, easily. Looking forward to it – although my reading list is going to hate me for it.

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