Welcome back everyone to our review of Otherside Picnic. This week an excuse to indulge in the internet’s favorite past time and still call it productive. Joined as always by the great Irina. Do you enjoy kitties Irina? Also there’s a lot of chatter around the grapevine about WordPress making it easier to convert posts […]

Teenage Spooky Ninja Cats! Otherside Picnic Episode 8 — K at the Movies

4 thoughts

  1. Certainly my favourite episode in a long while, possibly ever. I’m beginning to think the otherside is just playing/trying to make first contact, but doesn’t really understand what its doing, and Satsuki knows? Like she’s on the other side, pushing from horror to comedy?

    Also, I thought that tanuki was looking odd (before Kozakura actually named him a tanuki, which made me think “so it really is supposed to be a tanuki?”), and then they pulled a reverse tanuki/racoon joke on me. I didn’t see that coming. In fact, I never considered the possibility; if I did, I’d probably have guessed the twist, since it really does look more like a raccoon.

    1. Also my favourite episode. I’m afraid it’s going to be an outlier considering the number of episodes left but I’m glad we got it

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