One of the secret perks about writing gallery posts is that you don’t actually need to watch the episodes. After all, I end up with 200+ images that give me a pretty decent idea of what happened in the sow and even if they didn’t, I can only talk about the pictures themselves! Lifehack?

In case you didn’t realize, this isn’t the real post. It’s just a bunch of pictures from the episode. The real post is on Crow’s site and You can find it HERE.

I think I’ve whined about this a few times already but I find re:Zero very difficult to analyze on a visual level. It’s not that it isn’ pretty or that the production is bad but it doesn’t really make much use of visual or non-textual storytelling. Or if it does, it’s going over my head s I don’t know what to say.

I do like that re:Zero makes use of a lot of different lighting conditions. Just in the mini-gallery above we have some magical low light, nighttime candlelight, dusk and beautiful glowing sunset. It does this mostly by changing the brightness and colour rather than the tone or quality of the shadows.

There has been some vague association with the colour blue and magic this season but nothing overt enough to really call it… After all, there toons of magic all over the series. And bleu has been associated with magic and magicians pretty much forever so I really don’t think we can make anything of that.

A lot did happen this episode though. And in a rather quick succession. We saw a large number of flashbacks which means diverse backgrounds and settings. I basically ended up with a really huge number of screencaps in over to cover the visual fee of the anime even though all that technically happened was a single conversation between Subaru and Echidna.

That says something about how much budget and resources are being poured into this season of re:Zero. The episode really didn’t need to show us all that but they still did. That’s great. I appreciate that not all shows are going to have the possibility of ding something like this. re:Zero seasons 2 is one of the most anticipated anime seasons in recent memory and it probably has a lot more to play with than most shows do. Still, it’s nice to see that it’s taking advantage of those privileges and not squandering them on an average looking offering.

Do you guys like furry eyelashes? That’s what I call eyelash designs like Edchidna’s. My favourite example is probably Tanya from Tanya the Evil. It’s a pretty common design element. I usually prefer it with dark lashes than very light ones though and I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about them on Echidna. I do like her design overall, a lot. I wonder if I would like it more with traditional dark ashes… I’m honestly not sure. It does make her stand out though. That’s good.

I understand the point of keeping Satella covered up in the “real” world. I’m pretty sure most people around don’t know what she looks like and it would cause a bit of a shock. And characters would probably have to act quite differently for a few episodes at least. But why does she remain hidden in Echidna’s dream? The audience knows what she looks like. It was a plot point in the first season.

So I’m thinking she’s changed. She has had some type of major plastic surgery between seasons and now she looks completely different so that’s why the show is teasing us with an eventual face reveal. And I’m looking forward to it. I hope she looks exactly like Roswaal now and he is creeped out about it but it’s not cool to admit it so he has to pretend like it doesn’t bother him at all. And everyone is always super suspicious of him.. well I guess that part won’t change that much… Anyways, next season of re:Zero, Rooswal-Greed! It’s going to be amazing!

If you’re thinking, gosh there really wasn’t very much substance in this post at all, well I understand. Luckily there’s a quick fix for that, simply check out the real post on Crow’s blog!

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  1. Irina, I forgot to post that I agree with you on Re:zero having a multiverse when you first brought it up, but I’ve been a proponent of a multiverse since episode 15 of Re:zero when Puck cut off Subaru’s head, and the world continued to snow in the epic credits scene that was like a tribute to a movie. Episode 15 showed that the timeline continues after Subaru’s death, and this episode is basically a ringing endorsement of the multiverse.

  2. Satella might just really like hooded capes. I mean they’re cool. The Witch of Sloth looks like the only one, btw, who might wear a pointy hat. I think it’d look good on her.

    1. They really should bring back the pointy hat look. Maybe they could all dress up as classic western witches for Halloween?

      1. Well, next season Majo no Tabi Tabi should have us covered with pointy hat broom riding witches. (Also with pretty backgrounds.)

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