I think most of you know the drill by now, head on over to  Crow’s site for the good stuff. You can take a look here if you want to see pictures though. YAY pictures!

And since the last gallery I put up, I decided to upgrade my router so now my screencaps are all crisp as a… what’s a thing that like really crisp? Google says crackers. But not stale ones. My screencaps are crisp as not stale crackers… Well, that wasn’t worth the detour.

I never noticed that all the demi-humans have very similar eye shapes. Kind of like Subaru’s as well. I wonder if it’s on purpose? I guess Rem isn’t a Demi and she has those points too though, so maybe it’s a random preference of the designer.

I really like these nighttime scenes, The shadows are still just a little odd but I think it creates an interesting effect and it gives this intimate warm yet slightly unsettling feel. And they really got the balance right. Everything is easy to see and the characters are super clear but it doesn’t look like daytime either.  It does occasionally look like they are illuminated by studio lights again but I’m digging it.

On the other hand, the light in Rem’s room is still a bit baffling. I actually got a screencap specifically of what I mean. See, like a real blogger and all.

reZero s2 ep6 (19)

The light coming through the windows just stops at the sill. Why? How does that work? Is it painted on…  mean yes it is painted on but I’m not supposed to know that. Maybe Rem’s room is in some pan-dimensional pocket universe that starts right at that window sill and the cutoff point of the light is our subtle indication of where the border is? Yeah! That sounds reasonable.

I gotta say, Roswaal manor is HUGE! I mean it is ginormous from the outside. I think we have only seen maybe 30% of it at most. Wouldn’t it be great if one day Subaru and friends just casually stroll through an indoor bowling alley and Karaoke bar that were always there but we never saw before? I would like to see that!

So how do Knifey’s robes stay up? I  know they told us her name (Elsa) but I like Knifey better. I’m guessing she has to stand at a really specific angle. It must do wonders for her posture.

Am I the only one who thought the beast designs were super cute? Like a little too cute even. I could have easily seen them as pokemon. Can you imagine baby Frederica beats? Gwah!!! Even the evil mabeast thing was sort of cute and surrounded by adorable wittle bats. There’s nothing wrong with it but it was a bit jarring to think of the kitties getting hurt in all this carnage!

This is an odd thing to think but I found that Subaru really suited the bloodstained look. More specifically the mark over the eye design à la Todorooki. Subaru has that interesting and very expressive eye shape and a design that calls attention to it really works on him in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of re:Zero. If you get the chance, please pop by Crow’s blog to see what we thought of it: https://www.crowsworldofanime.com/posts/rezero-season-2-ep-31-knifey-and-the-three-maids/ 

One thing I know for sure is that next week seems very promising because:

reZero s2 ep6 (35)

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