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  • Genre : Comedy, Ecchi, Slice of Death, Supernatural
  • Episodes: 8 season 1 and 4 season 2
  • Studio:

High school is a confusing age for a young man when his thoughts turn to fancies and his body starts going all weird and stuff. We’ve all been there. Those moments when you start to realize some people around you are just really really interesting, and you want to do things with them. It’s a time when we withdraw and bit to discover ourselves and need a touch more privacy. Too bad for Sakura-chan whose questionable future choices have landed him with a houseguest angel who has a penchant for bludgeoning people to death and particularly Sakura. Well, that’s one way of keeping the old blood flow going.

Because I have an *interesting* sense of humour, I kept using images from Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan in my essay posts. For those of you familiar with the show, this may raise some red flags with regard to my posts… In any case, beyond the few comically bloody screencaps that I had been using over and over again, I really didn’t know anything about the show. When I saw it appear on Crunchyroll I figured I should give it a watch out of a sense of kinship if nothing else. Imagine my surprise when I found out this was an ecchi title…

Bludgeoning Angel s2 (43)
this is going to get weird

Dokuro-chan is a pretty old show. The internet says it aired in 2005/2006 but I had to adjust my image ratio for this show. Yup, it is in 4:3 aspect ratio. That’s how old this show looks. And it’s not just the square image. In every respect I can think of, it looks old.

The designs are classical and very cartoonish, the animation is a little jumpy at times and often employs exaggerated ragdoll physics. Even the colour palette sticks close to primary hues with little gradient or contrast effects. But even saying all that, I can’t really say it looked bad. Sure, the designs are old school, but I liked them. And the animation may lack fluidity by today’s standards, but it was also fluid and often amusing. The director even used a few creative choices in changing styles and interesting framing. So, to sum it up, Bludgeoning Angel looks old but decent. And the voice acting was pretty fun. I reminded me of the quickfire style of shows like KonoSuba and Saiki.

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan ep1-6 (11)
I love those shows too

One little caveat about those visuals, I stand by my views that they are not bad at all, BUT I wasn’t watching this show to watch an ecchi. Why does that matter? Well, I’m not sure it does. But the characters in Dokuro-chan look like cartoons, there’s no way around it. I have a feeling that it’s not as sexy or appealing if what you’re looking for is attractive anime bodies. The characters aren’t very detailed and art consistency suffers occasionally. The show is very badly rated, by viewers that usually like the ecchi genre and the silly visuals may have something to do with that. It’s just a guess mind you.

Besides, it’s not like the “narrative” wouldn’t give someone plenty of excuses to rate this series low. How can I explain this, I would say it’s about 65% completely random nonsense humour and another 35% bad taste, with some cartoonish cleavage thrown in for good measure. Oh, and it is incredibly violent! Like gore and blood splattered over every surface at least twice an episode. I should probably also mention that episodes are only like 12 minutes (i.e. those 8 episodes of season 1 are actually 4 episodes split into two halves), so that means an explosion of carnage every 6 minutes.

Bludgeoning Angel s2 (45)
there is no explanation for this

On the bad taste side, we have frequent pedophilia and diarrhea jokes as well as some very outdated views on homosexuality. On the random side, well it’s absolute nonsense. There’s little point in trying to list it.

And yes, I liked this show. Look, I can’t defend it. It’s one of those things I really couldn’t recommend to anybody and it makes me seriously question my sense of humour, but I giggled pretty much the whole way through. It should be noted that I am a fan of absurdist nonsense. This is a type of humour that’s annoying to a lot of people but I enjoy it a lot. If you don’t, stay very far away from Dokuro-chan.

Second, there was something deeply playful about both the extreme violence and bad taste humour. It felt silly or even downright stupid but never malicious or exploitative. Our main guy Sakura finds himself naked as often as all the girls combined (maybe more). There’s no accidental groping or harassment and all the OMG my clothes fell off in public scene are met with swift and very painful retaliation from the victims, which made me feel a little sorry for Sakura instead of for the girls. An unexpected switch.

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan ep1-6 (5)
sorry man…

Finally, the extremely cartoonish nature of it all sanitizes a lot of the material. No matter how deluded a viewer may be, there is simply no way anyone can think characters or situations like this happen in any way. The second season features a visible animation boost as well as a considerable ridiculousness boost. I appreciated both!

Despite the large number of scathing reviews, I noticed that the Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan includes light novels, manga and video game adaptations so I guess there’s at least one other person who enjoyed this series.

If you have seen the show, let me know what you think. I’m super curious. Also please don’t judge me…

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan ep1-6 (30)

Favourite character: Shizumi-chan (sometimes you desperately need one normal character as a foil!)

What this anime taught me: What brains look like scattered on wallpaper

Write when drunk. Edit when sober. Marketing is the hangover.

Suggested drink: Classic Bloody Mary

  • Every time Sakura-chan gets almost killed by Dokuro – take a breath
    • if he actually gets killed – gasp!
  • Every time we har Shizumi-chan’s character theme – take a sip
  • Every time anyone’s face gets super-deformed – take a sip
  • Every time a new supernatural creature appears – take a sip
  • Every time Dokuro reads a dirty book – bow chika wow wow
  • Every time we see Sakura’s inner struggle – take a sip
  • Every time Dokuro turns someone into an animal – take a sip
  • Every time there’s a blood splatter – get some seltzer
  • Every time people get murdered out of embarrassment – stretch
  • Every time there’s a pedophilia joke – be uncomfortable
  • Every time we see the sensitive salaryman – Cheers!
  • Every time an angel loses their halo – get ready

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan ep1-6 (12)

 I’m not sure if any of you are interested in more screencaps of the show, nevertheless, I am going to add a few here and more over on Pinterest.

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  1. Glad to see older shows like this get some more attention. As someone whos anime niche seems to be anime from the 2000s that recieve about a 7 usually I can say I enjoyed this one but it definitely felt under structured at times. Nice review!

  2. I really enjoyed myself watching this one. Cute but violent is right up my alley!
    Watched this along with friends on a bit of a party evening though, lot’s of drinks and just stupid fun you can talk over a bit but keeps you entertained when you are all caught up with friends as well.

    I found it charming and I laughed a lot, it’s definatly out there but it’s a great palette cleanser between more serious animes as well. I get why it would get bad reviews, but under the right circumstances this really is a neat little show.

  3. Oh gosh. This show has haunted me. I hadn’t thought about it in so long.

    Like what you like. 🙂 Personally, though, I really didn’t enjoy myself. The humor rubbed me the wrong way and the lack of any overall structure (even more so in the second season) didn’t interest me.

    That said, I can fully understand using the various images and gifs from this show. 😛 Classic anime brutality.

  4. People told me it’s a violent comedy. I think, ah, anime violence. I expect something like the occasional blood fountain, and people flying off into orbit a lot… Watches Dokuro-chan.


    Pi piru piru piru pipiru pi pi…

    The opening was catchy. I still haven’t seen all of it, and I can’t make up my mind whether I like it or not. And my memories are confused. I think there may have been monkeys.

    Dokuro-chan is definitely a classic. I know that much.

  5. Someone recommended this to me several years ago (probably as a joke) and though liked the violence and dark humor, I was new to anime and not used to anything ecchi, so I only watched 2 episodes. I haven’t even thought about it again since then, until now! Lol thanks for reminding me. I’m pretty sure I’d like something like this much better now. xD

  6. Fun fact: Dokuro-chan was directed fairly early in his career by Tsutomu Mizushima, who’s now of course one of the most sought-after directors in the medium thanks to hits like Girls und Panzer and Shirobako. He’s always had a real talent for comedy anime, though, and this is another good example. It isn’t totally to my taste, since I’ve never been a big fan of gross-out comedy (especially of the scat variety), but this is one of those that’s just so funny I can’t help laughing at it anyway.

    Since you enjoyed this, then I’d also recommend Magical Witch Punie-chan, another OVA Mizushima directed at around the same time. Punie-chan doesn’t have as much gross-out humor, but as a mix of black comedy, absurdism, and satire it’s first-rate.

  7. Yeah, this one takes me back. I remember gifs of Dokuro being posted on 4chan and other forums in the old days when I had all that time to waste on them. It was definitely a goofy show with lots of violence and cleavage, but you’re right that there was no malice in any of it.

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