I’m back asking the important questions! Have you ever asked yourself in fact, if you ever got magically transported to your favourite anime universe, would you be an interesting character. A fan favorite? Would the audience hate you or worse, ignore you?

evangelion bored
oh ‘cmon, I haven’t even started yet

Don’t worry about not having any fancy powers, you’re going to discover those any second now. As for living a boring ordinary life, that’s just because you’re in that first bit of the story, before the action starts. We all know stories are always about average, ordinary folks anyways. Considering all this now, I ask again, would you make a good anime character?

The thing is, I think I would be the type of character I like the least. If I am completely honest with myself. I’m the super optimistic cheerful type, and surprisingly hardworking. I would be the cheerleader begging people to ” not give up” and rallying everyone to start another project. I’m also very short and small but still fairly well proportioned. You may think this has nothing to do with my character but design plays a pretty important role in how anime characters are perceived by the audience and what roles they are allowed to take. And let’s face it, I’m gonna be a loli…

anime loli
I’m not happy about this

Personality wise, I’ve mentioned before that I identify quite strongly with Miss Kobayashi. Low key, easy going and efficient. At least on my best days. I lack the deadpan delivery though and that really ruins the whole thing. I’m much more giggly and silly.

In short I would be one of those dime a dozen, nice genki girl lolis. Nothing special or even remotely interesting. I would like to think I would be a better than average dime a dozen loli, but I have no facts at all to base that on.

I came to this sad realization while walking Buddy the other day and have been fretting about it since. Should I change who I fundamentally am to become a more interesting potential anime character? Is it possible for me to wear higher heels without permanently damaging my back? (the answer is no, already looked into that one). Would it be easier to simply change my views on genki lolis? I’m pretty sure that’s also a no. It’s ok. We don’t need to figure this out right now. I’m one of those special puzzles you need to take your time putting together.

For the moment, we can just figure out whether anyone even wants to be a good anime character in the first place.

this is an actual puzzle and I like it

One of the big problems we’re going to have is defining the term *good*. Obviously we all like different things. Heck, some of you may even like genki lolis! I am not going to trick myself into some unwinnable argument over who is best character… again…

Instead, let’s start with most popular. Not so long ago, I did in fact try to figure out who the most popular anime character was for English speaking audiences. The seemingly overwhelming winner was “L”. Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoyed Death Note (the manga) but I’m a little surprised by the anime’s staying power. Not disappointed, just surprised. Like I was saying, everybody loves L, but would you actually like a person like that in real life?

Superficially, L is probably more bearable than a lot of popular anime characters. A super smart but eccentric guy who’s likely to leave you alone unless you’re some type of super criminal. If you are not grossed out by bare feet or get upset when people don’t share their desserts with you, you’ll probably be fine around L. Then again, you probably will find him rather boring and super rude. Most of us simply don’t have what it takes for him to consider us worthy of the effort of  interaction. As for being like L. Well you’d end up sort of a jerk.

Then again, lots of people are already jerks and not many are geniuses so you may end up better than average after all.

death note L
granted, he is a dreamboat

Ok forget L. What about Bakugo…um no…nevermind… Sadly, it seems characters that are both interesting and likable aren’t that common. For instance, I love Ryuji from Toradora and I would love to hang out with him but the character most people prefer is Taiga and no one wants to be around someone that could break their bones at any moment for no particular reason.

Hmmm….guys… Do we just like characters that  are kind of jerky? If that’s the case then I guess it’s ok for me to be a boring character. But I can’t trust my own judgement on this. I know for a fact I have horrific tastes in anime people. To be honest, I have a pretty high tolerance for real life jerks as well.

Ok last try. I know what would make this better. Ryuko. You thought I was going to say Natsume…Me too. Kill la Kill’s leading lady is generally well liked (for various reasons), a total bada*s everyone at the party wants to hang out with AND a pretty nice person and sweet friend. I found one. I actually imagine a certain prolific blogger we all know to be a lot like Ryuko in my head.

Ok from now on, I’m adding a bit of Kill la Kill to my attitude. Let’s face it, I’m going to end up as Mako. Well that’s still pretty great. Back to the question at hand then. Would YOU make a good anime character? Why? Is there already a character out there that reminds you of yourself? Who? I’m really curious about this?

Kobayashi hot


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  1. I’m going to be that tomboy girl side character in shoujo manga who is in the end not going to end up with anyone.
    Sports>> Love LOL

    1. THANK YOU!!! I put too much importance on the appearance of my blog!
      ALSO OMG it’s AURI! Best day Ever. All the hugs and I hope you are doing well

  2. OK, for the record, Mako rocks! Hands-down the best-developed, most entertaining character in Kill la Kill. As for the initial discussion, I’d rather hope to be a quiet, boring character in a nice slice-of-life show. In fact, let’s go with one of my favorite series, Non Non Biyori–I’d be Kaede’s never-seen-onscreen first cousin who works for the local police department and slips her money every month because, honestly, the candy store hasn’t made money in years, long before Grandma passed and left it to Kaede. . .my wife would complain about it but not too much, since she and Kaede were friends and classmates. . .(Wow–I’m way too invested in this! Gotta bail!)

    1. There’s something so utterly charming about choosing an offscreen character! You’re a special guy David

  3. Let’s face it – unless anyone here’s an isekai protagonist, most ordinary folk have zero (or close to zero) chance in a standard fantasy or high-octane action anime…and most people would say they’d be an SoL protagonist.

    But back to the topic of “what anime character are you most like?”: I was watching Hanasaku Iroha (it’s going from Crunchyroll soon) and found Ohana is basically me when I’m angry or trying to resolve conflicts (based on the 2 episodes I’ve seen), although I sometimes make unreasonable demands of myself when I’m angry rather than trying to prove myself, but it depends on the situation at hand.

    I also tend to find nervous types and/or introverts both cute (if a dude) and relatable, so that would be the Moriko (MMO Junkie) type or the Rin (YuruCamp) type…although the ultimate in relatability is definitely En (Boueibu LOVE!) for me, so he’s my answer.

  4. I’d be a random background student character that the show doesn’t even pause on. You would see my character later on again, but it wouldn’t be me as I am in a cheap animé that reuses animation.

  5. I would probably be a cold, expressionless background character always wearing earphones. My one thing would be getting dragged along with whatever crazy situation is at hand. People would always set me up, and something disastrous will happen. Oh yeah, my other thing would be me occasionally beating up bullies, or rude people with my Nunchaku skills!

    As for an anime character who reminds me of myself I guess Makoto Yuki from Persona 3. I see a lot of myself in him whenever I don’t want to be social.

  6. This was such a fun post! As for me I think I’d always be the painfully shy type or the character who is always complaining that they are tired (because that’s literally my life 😂). I’ve always seen myself as a Hotarou from Hyouka or Kuro from Servamp style character 😂 I wish I could be like Ryuko though! She is something else! 😍

  7. Irina would definitely be a loli 🤣

    At least you’d be a far more interesting character than i’m bound to be. I’m rather introverted and pretty shy around people who don’t know me well… those who do know me well though, know I can be pretty crazy sometimes.

    As much as i am LOATHE to make this comparison… the best match I can make would be Keita, from Gamers!

    … I’m kind of dense and tend to ramble about things I enjoy a lot, and can be pretty stubborn about my tastes… not to mention i’m not a particularly competitive gamer either, so he kinda fits pretty well. Though I probably get out doing normie stuff a lot more.

  8. I’m living in the slice of life genre, and I’m probably supporting cast. I’m somewhat like Yuu from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (for people who don’t remember her: that’s the quiet and observant friend of the Chizuru, the “class rep”). When it comes to main character material I’m probably most like Yuzuko from Yuyushiki, speaking and doing utter random nonsense all day, or Tanaka from the anime of the same name, doing… nothing at all.

    Also, it’s not uncommon to love anime characters I’d never want to actually meet. I certainly wouldn’t want to get noticed by Izaya from Durarara, for example (shudders).

    1. You say you’re a quiet and observant side character constantly doing utter random nonsense all day… Sounds like a very interesting character to me!

  9. I’m too boring to be an anime character but somehow I keep on wanting to meet shy Sawako in Kimi no Todoke. I just want to give her a big hug. And also from Hirunaka no Ryuusei (manga), I have a crush on Mamura Daiki AND Yosano Suzume. <3

  10. If I was an anime character I would like typical slice of life protagonist or supporting character. Usually having issues with myself or others. Yet deep down I do care, but not really show it. I mainly show interest in anime/manga and video games and try to shut out the world around me. In some cases maybe a relatable character that some people might like.

  11. As it stands, Morioka Moriko is pretty much me in terms of how social interactions end up. I’m not so much in MMORPGs though, so there’s a difference there. But hey, she’s the closest to me that I’ve spotted.

      1. It’s not so much the PTSD that I find so relatable with her, more the general shyness and paranoia about people judging your actions all the time, even when you logically know they aren’t. The talking to yourself in your head and analyzing everything too.

  12. Is there already a character out there that reminds you of yourself? Who? I’m really curious about this?

    Right away, I knew that Kensuke Aida (Eva) has basically my personality. Or I have his. *Especially* the boundless enthusiasm part. Another one who I’ve always *hoped* I could turn out to be like is Kousuke Asazuki (Spiral – at least in the anime; I never got too far in the manga). Mostly for his nonchalant attitude no matter what. Fai, definitely in the Tsubasa anime, has a bit of that too

    Of course, now, Sirius the Jaeger actually *has* a Mikhail. And so far, hey, I can deal with him!

    1. ooohh Kensuke is a good pull. Loved that kid. I haven’t seen spiral though I do love a good nonchalant character.

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