I’m pretty sure you all know Arthifis by now, if not, this post now contains two presents for you! One: You are about to discover a super sweet and lovable guy who can always be counted on to put a smile on your face. On top of that he’s super generous with the free and easy to follow technical advice that will make your blog (and all your online projects) better.  You should go read his stuff HERE!

And Two: Arthifis actually made us all a present. He put together all his impressions and reviews about the fall 2018 Animme season in a handy guide that you can get for absolutely free right now. By going HERE.

This guide book features 35 anime which all just came out this last season, grouped together according to Arthfis’ favourites. He explains his methodology at the beginning of the guide for those of us who are interested in knowing every last detail.

I’ve already gone through this book a few times and let me tell you, not only is it a fun light read, sure to be of interest for anyone who likes anime. And a great way to figure out if there’s anything you should be watching from this season. But boy is it beautiful. Really, it’s just plain fun to look at.

So go ahead and get your copy now.

I wish I could make something that nice but let’s face it, I’m way too lay. So instead I just hope Arthifis makes more of these.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Irina! 😀 Damn, you already read it more than once? It… Just makes me so freaking happy!!!!! Really, there is no words to describe how the guide is being received by the community! It’s just so freaking awesome that almost makes me cry of joy!!! :’)

    Again, thank you so much for taking time of your busy life to do a post promoting the guide :3

    1. I went through it when you first posted about it and went back to check out different shows. It’s a bit like wiki, once you start reading you fall down a rabbit hole…

  2. Very nice! I keep meaning to make some books but it takes time to do that; layout is a particular pain! I got a hardcopy proof of a test one I did a while back and it’s lovely, though, so perhaps I’ll have to do some more. I’ve mostly been focusing on physical books, but perhaps eBooks are work pursuing too…

    Either way, thanks for sharing, and good job, Arthifis!

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