A Record of Grancrest War Ep 21 – Rage of Mages

  • Genre : Fantasy, Adventure, action, political
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures

It’s finally summer here in Montreal. Has been for a whole 2 days! Next week is suppose to be jacket whether again but right now it’s down right simmering. I just looked it up, it’s 79F. The one upside to Quebec’s ridiculous heatwave is that we finally get some decent fruit again! I just bought some absolutely delicious raspberries, which I’ve been crushing and mixing with fresh lemon juice and vodka. I love summer.

Grancrest Senki Episode 21 anime review

best I could do

By the way, add about 4 partz seltzer to that recipe, and it’s a delicious and unexpectedly pretty cocktail.

So this week, after quite a few of those cocktails, I gave up on trying to do any deep dive into the plot and figured I would just let you in on my notes. Trust me, you don’t want me to be analyzing anything for you right now. I’m a little relieved to know that I’m not the only one who had some issues following the plot though.

The episode opened on the return of the just terrible CG water. The last few naval battle had some acceptable ocean scenes so I was lulled into a false sense of security. That’ll learn me. I’m not even sure what Theo and Siluca were talking about because that water was just too awful to ignore.

Grancrest Senki Episode 21 anime review

something something main plotline of the series…

Anywho, Siluca gets a wand call (still hilarious) for someone who patiently described that the mages just murderin’ everyone. I assume the call dude is a mage that has Siluca’s wand number but like isn’t on the mage’s side and also is getting murdered right now for some reason. Mysterious mage dude isn’t asking for help so I’m not sure why they need to describe everything in super detail but basically : mages are pissed guys!

Was that wand a secure line? Everything that happens in this scene seems fishy or not that smart. Are they using burner wands? How does any of this work? No time to think about that – OP!

Surprisingly small war room meeting with the new united alliance. I don’t remember if they got around to picking a name. I’m gonna call them Nomags. Anyways they tell everyone: Mage guild is evil and we gonna fight them but you mages can go if you don’t wanna participate. Ok, this is noble and all but you know, there is such a thing as TOO nice. These mages were close advisors to the lords, they know way too much. I’m not saying dispose of them or anything but you now have the resources of all the non mage nations – you could comfortably confine them until this mess is over…. But nopers, mages go back to the enemy with all our intel. Brilliant strategy as always Theo.

Grancrest Senki Episode 21 anime review

these are all the good mages

Oh great they have to break their wands now. It was most definitely NOT a secure line. Apparently they can’t do magic without their wands so I guess they’re no longer fighting units? Side note, Blonde mage lady and naked lord lady (lordess?) are both adorable characters. We need more of them.

It hadn’t crossed my mind until Karandi mentioned death flags over Siluca and Theo last week, but now it’s all I can think about. I’m literally waiting for a piano to fall on one of these guys at any moment. I can hardly concentrate on what’s happening… There may be other reasons.

Ok now we got Siluca, her dad (does he have a name?) and Aishela in a room because reasons. I was sure her dad would have gone back to the mages. Good on you Mr. Siluca’s dad. Sticking by your contract and daughter!

Grancrest Senki Episode 21 anime review

this scene was much weirder than you can imagine

Siluca and her dad have a weird relationship. Honestly what’s with that conversation? On the other hand, Siluca and Aishela have way more chemistry than Siluca and Theo. I’m not even a shipper but that’s clearly the romance that’s suppose to happen here.

Wait..they’re sisters!!??!! Did we already know that?? Why are they so suggestive? Their father was right there! I guess I have to rethink some things. Siluca has more sexy chemistry with her sister than Theo. That’s just not a good sign.

These characters need to be developed better. Even with me alternatively sober and a big ole sap, this scene just felt shallow. I couldn’t really feel the impact of a long await family reunion because I’ve no real reason to care aout these characters yet, and I cry at dog food commercials.

So after that, Siluca goes back to the love of her life that she hardly gets to spend any alone time with and decides to not wake him and write in her diary instead. There are a LOT of signs here. Do you guys know anything about Eleanor Roosevelt? She was great. Moving on.

Grancrest Senki Episode 21 anime review

hmmm, I could go lie down on the mat next to Theo…hard table it is

Stuff that doesn’t matter happens and then Aishela knocks at the sheet (I forgot to mention they’re all still in the battleground tents so no doors), and she looks possessed. Yup assassination attempt but woohoo surprise Irvin. What does the assassin’s guild think of all of this anyways? I’m not gonna look a gift Irvin in the mouth and ask where he came from but surely the assassins, which seem uber powerful, must have some horse in this race.

So Theo is super chill about someone trying to murder his fiancee… These two are just love personified. He invites his beloved’s almost killer in to take a weight off and we have just a knotted ball of familiar nonsense.

OK so Aishela is part of some secret organization within the mage’s academy that wants to control chaos, called Pandora. I know! And they put an evil death note spell on her to force her to obey so she’s been spying on Siluca and Theo for them and she had to try to murder her sister (honestly did I miss that?) or they would kill her. But she couldn’t do it so she failed on purpose and Theo asked why she tried at all if she was going to make sure to fail and she’s like: well they would have sploded my heart except now they’re gonna do it anyways so it makes no sense.

Grancrest Senki Episode 21 anime review

I’m confused too

Then Aishela is all like: quick take my shirt off but just enough to keep a PG rating, and she start some sexy suffering but Priscilla ex machina saves the day and everyone is happy now.

Honestly, what was the point of all that? Is it just that they didn’t want a 15 minute episode? Nothing changes. Everyone still trusts and loves Aishela. The mages could have easily gotten any info needed for plot through the mages they let go at the beginning of the episode or through the bugged wands. There were much simpler ways to introduce this Pandora organization but really at episode 21 with so many plot holes left to fill, you shouldn’t be introducing anything at all.

Siluca is super grateful to Priscilla for saving her sister. Priscilla is all: teehee wanna join my cult then? and Siluca is like: um no thanks. Ok Siluca also has way more chemistry with Priscilla than Theo. Personally I find tsundere Siluca to be the best and only interesting Siluca. I’m team Prisiluca.

Grancrest Senki Episode 21 anime review

I’ve been saying it since episode 3, tis should be a Yuri show

Crisis averted and we are reminded of the intro scene and that all the lords that were sort of aligned with the mage’s academy got slaughtered because more plot. Alexis wonders why the mages are so threatened by the Grancrest and what does it do anyways…Really Lexi? Now??? Now is the first time you wonder what the Grancrest can do? I just called you a capable leader . Why must you make fools of both of us?

Oh yeah…this episode was called “purge”…

It is more than likely that the spelling of this post was both creative and inconsistent. It’s an artistic choice!

Grancrest Senki Episode 21 anime review

no really…

I had to take a the screengrabs and make that gif so I’m pretty sober now…


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20 Responses

  1. Karandi says:

    What does the Grancrest do? Perfect time to ask that 21 episodes after the failed wedding that was supposed to create the thing in the first place. This show…

  2. Dawnstorm says:

    There should be an anime called “Big red button”. There’s a big red button in it, and nobody knows what it’s for. A lot of factions fight for the right to push it. And the winner is…

    Yeah, that was a rather pertinent question about the Grancrest. It takes a genius to ask it.

    Also, I, too, was completely taken aback by the sudden “sister”. First, a friend, then an apprentice, now a sister? Could be she’s an agent of chaos, and she’s targeting the writers to make her consistently inconsistent? I am so chaotic that my backstory changes every episode. (*Evil laughter*)

  3. A Library Archivist says:

    Ignoring that show, myself. So summer just arrived? We had an extended Spring here in California, and its 68’F at dawn here, meaning we’ll see 95’F today. I am looking forward to the F1 race in Montreal, since the Indycar race on Belle Isle in Detroit was yesterday and today (it is two races). I have heard that if you use a zester or careful knife work you can cut the yellow part of the peel off a lemon and add sugar syrup (lightly boiled then cooled) to vodka and steep a month to make Limoncello, usually served on ice. Its popular with Italian American housewives. There’s recipes online.

  4. Zainou says:

    We’ve been having a pretty bad heatwave over here in Ontario as well (at least where I live). But I think it’ll be cooling down soon.

    I dropped Record off Grancest War after an episode, but I still find these posts fun to read, mostly because I get to experience the pure hilarious stupidity of this show, without having to sit through it. Only two episodes left, I wonder what’ll happen next.

  1. June 18, 2018

    […] I Drink and Watch Anime: A Record of Grancrest War Ep 21 – Rage of Mages […]

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