I’m going to attempt to talk about something important today. It’s not what I’m best at so I hope you will bear with me.

I am someone who is impressed by compassion. True selfless empathy is a type of strength that is greatly underrated. It’s quiet and goes unnoticed. It’s a strength that has always been needed and as I look around, I think maybe we could use some more these days.

It’s no coincidence that I have found myself mentioning Auri here and there in my posts and unfailingly it’s to marvel at how kind, warm and understanding she is. I admire Auri a lot. Auri is someone who shoulders the weight of her compassion with grace. Whether by design or simply because she can’t help it, Auri makes the lives she touches just a little brighter. Of course, she would be exactly the type of person to come up with a project like this. Please go read all the details here. It’s important.

Auri did not write much about herself as you saw. People like Auri aren’t that keen on taking the spotlight. Besides, that’s not what this project is about. But I think it’s important you understand what type of person she is. It’s important that you realize she has the type of strength you want in your corner when you’re feeling weak. It’s important you understand she has that bottomless kindness you can rely on when you think everyone and everything else has let you down. Auri’s initiative is beautiful and deeply meaningful, but it’s also complex and must be handled with the upmost care. Not everyone can or even should be doing something like this. It’s important to me, that you know that Auri is exactly the person for this type of undertaking.

For all the reasons I’ve already listed, she will try to convince you I’ve helped. Don’t be fooled, I want to help and I will if I get the chance but so far, Auri’s done all the heavy lifting. She came up with the idea, organized everything and got us all together. She reached out to Raistlin (who probably would have helped even without being asked) and Remy (who has that enormous sensitivity you don’t find easily) and they immediately agreed to help because, of course they did. I was touched and honored to be included in this group.

Of course, if you feel you need to talk, I will be happy to chat. If you’re having a tough day, you can tell me all about it. If you’re having a great day, you can tell me all about it. If you are coming to terms with the fact that your major may not be your passion after all and the thought of having to do this for the rest of your life seems suffocating, let’s chat. If you want to argue about who’s best boy in your favorite otome – I’m your girl! I want to talk to you. However, if it’s bad, I really urge you to talk to a trained professional. There are simply things they can do for you that I can’t no matter how good my intentions may be. You would be surprised by the difference. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me as well! We can compare notes! If it’s easier you can always start with talking to me, or Auri or Raistlin or Remy. In fact you should talk to Auri and Raistlin and Remy every chance you get!

So once again I used way too many words to say something very simple: We are in this together and if you need help, we’re here. Next time maybe we’ll need help.

Once again, Please go read Auri’s truly beautiful post to find out the details and see how you can get or offer help!

I remain happy to hear from you anytime. If you use my contact page please know that I can’t answer you back unless you put your email address in. Otherwise you can always find me at:

email: imarch@live.ca

Twitter: @idrinknwatchani

Finally, let me say it for everyone that maybe isn’t quite feeling up to it right now:

Thank you Auri

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  1. Not only is this a great project, it’s also a lovely logo. I can imagine that even if you’re not comfortable sharing, just seeing that logo can give you a little boost.

    Also, I can sort of relate to being not so good at talking about important stuff. For me, there’s a danger of alienation when pinning things down with words. (A danger, mind you, not an inevitability.)

    1. I am a child and a coward so I find discussing problems before I have a solution in mind terrifying. It’s as if they are still a little abstract until you say it out loud….
      All credit of course goes to Auri. She deserves it.

  2. Wow Irina, this is incredibly beautiful 😊 I could not agree more with everything that you have written here! Auri is incredible, and I’m so proud of her as well. Really, thank you for writing this for her: it’s incredible 😊

      1. She definitely is very inspiring I could not agree with you more on that 😊😊
        (There is also another blogger I know of that goes by the name of Irina that is the same 😉) Maybe you have heard of her?

    1. No sweety. This time it’s all you. You’ve earned any praise you get and also my respect. I hope you are as proud of yourself as we are.

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