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  • Genre:  Slice of life, comedy, foodservice
  • Episodes: 13
  • Studio: Asahi Production


Basking in the glories of her energetic teenage metabolism, Minami has resolved to eat all the bread and nothing but all the bread forever. Apparently this is what all the cool kids are doing because she soons finds herself surrounded by a posse of baked goods enthusiasts and they all bond over their love of carbs. Adorable things probably happen. Man there is not much to this story at all.

“Cute girls doing cute things” has gotten a bad rap. Do you ever wonder where that expression comes from. Is it like it got a diss track or something? Anyways, whenever a show is described as such, we don’t tend to think: Masterpiece! I’ve always wondered why all the hate. Personally, I’ve not seen many shows that fall into the category.  Yuru Yuri and maybe Gabrielle Dropout are the only that come to mind and both were delightful! But then I remembered Pan de Peace, or rather I didn’t. I honestly can’t recall anything about this show except there’s bread… Get ready for the most accurate review ever!

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So I looked this thing up on Wikipedia to try and slap a synopsis together, and this is what I found… Looks like I’m not the only one who forgot about this show. Seriously, this thing came out last year ?! It might as well have been 30 years ago for how murky my memories of it are. Well, let’s get a reviewin’.

From what I can see in the two first pics, the art is fine, really cute but not very detailed. Kinda generic. I wouldn’t use it as a desktop background. The color palette seems nice, opting for a softer range. Lots pinks, yellows and baby blues. It does indeed look quite “peaceful”. I’m assuming these characters also move at some point. Like maybe there’s some wild kneading action. And I’m willing to bet there’s talking animation AND eating animation! Strap in guys. Maybe they fight giant alien robots who use yeast for fuel and have come to pillage our reserves at some point. I’m sure that was impressively animated.

They probably also have voices, there may have been music. Wait wait – I’m good at reviewing – look there was music!

Not gonna lie, I’m very proud of having gotten this far. I kinda want to say that this was a short program mostly because I really don’t know how they could have made a full season of bread commercials but then again….

Movin on

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Ohhh this is useful

OK so every girl has a favorite bread type? They battle to the death to find out which bread is best bread, except glasses girl, who’s supposed to be smart, is eating like a croquette or something. Oh maybe that’s fried bread. Well that’s just not fair, of course fried bread is better. Curse you glasses girl for using your superior intellect and cool collected wits to come out on top!

Pink sweater girl has pretty remarkable…sweater filling skills. I’m gonna bet that comes up at some point. Maybe she has best bread because it’s magical boobie bread? If those are coconut buns I’m all over it (pun not even intended but I wish it was…) Pink haired girl is not having any of it. She’s probably tired and a bit Tsundere. That is definitely exactly how I carry baguettes around.

Other girl seems super average so she’s probably lead girl. Individually wrapped donuts seems wasteful…

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Anyone want some fruit? eggs and bacon?

Also they sleep together and there’s a blonde and extra pink haired girl…

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This is a complete episode

Ohhhh it’s Yuri. I see. Whelp there you go. It’s a yuri show about girls who like big beautiful girls and are fattening each other up in a feeder/eater orgy as they battle for bread type dominance. And there are evil robot aliens and just insane kneading action. I should really rewatch this, it sounds awesome!

Favorite character: Glasses girl – you sly minx!

What this anime taught me: … I should et more bread?

I am literally just guessig the tropes which are most likely present based on the pictures in this post

Suggested drink: Banana Nut Bread Martini

  • Every time someone mentions a new type of bread – take a sip
  • Every time pink haired girl is sleepy – take a sip
  • Every time anyone eats bread – have a snack
  • Every time bread gets baked – take a sip
  • Every time we focus on pink sweater girl’s chest – get hypnotised
  • Every time anyone blushes – take a sip
  • Every time anyone calls someone else cute – ake a sip
  • Every time yuri is implied – toast!
  • Every time the space robots show up – cheer!
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I already said yuri

13 thoughts

  1. What a fancy title for an amusing post!

    It’s hard to say if being boring is worse than being terrible. At least you were able to have some fun writing about it.

      1. You did a good job there, then!

        Fair enough. If it’s horrendously bad, then there’s always room for exaggeration. If it’s just boring, then it’s just boring…

  2. I like the CGDGT genre, and very occasionally there’s a good one with boys, too (Kimi to Boku is well worth a watch). I perk up at the use of the term and start to pay attention. So naturally I checked out Pan de Peace. I remember dropping it early on. There’s a little girl with a long baguette. That’s all I remember. I’ve seen CGDGT I found irritating, but that one was just dull. I’m glad it’s so forgettable. That way, it doesn’t mar the genre. At only ~ 5 minutes runtime per episode, Pan de Peace manages to be waste of time for a fan of the genre. That’s an accomplishment I suppose.

  3. Fried bread was always going to win.

    I feel like I’ve watched this, because I’m a sucker for short animes about food, but I can’t remember anything from the pictures above. Did I actually watch this? It’s not even on my list on MAL, but I’m sure I did. Did I watch it or didn’t I, that is the question.

  4. Haha, oh man…I laughed so hard at this post 😂😂 This has got to be one of the funniest reviews you have written to date. Magical booby bread? Man….LOL😂😂 Well, this has certainly made sure I appreciate bread a whole lot more the next time I eat it. Great, great bread..erm toast…erm post I mean 😅😅

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