Ciel and Sebastian are back and pretending to be circus performers. It gets bloody…

Black Butler Book of Circus Review Ciel
Ciel is enjoying his new job

Black Butler is a guilty pleasure series for me. I know there’s a lot wrong with it and I understand why some may hate – I just can’t seem to stop watching it. I binged this particular arc in two days. I would have watched more. If you’re familiar with Black Butler, it’s basically more of the same. Some of the characters have cameos that are completely useless and there to keep the fans happy – I liked it. The new characters are an attractive bunch of weirdos with overly accessorized and uselessly intricate costumes even for circus performers – I’m getting my cosplay together as we speak. Things are really really dramatic and motivations make no sense – it was great. Look, you have got to deeply suspend your disbelief and put up your resistance to melodrama to really enjoy this but you should. Just give your brain a rest, look at the pretty pictures and don’t think to hard about how deeply problematic those jokes are. It’s all good…ok good isn’t at all the right word.

Black Butler Book of Circus Review Sebastien Tiger
It’s all fun and games until…

Favorite character Doll , and as always the Undertaker – oh you know why.

 What this anime taught me about myself: I just don’t like nail polish on men. I’m not proud of this.

 “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.”

Suggested drink: Bloody Brain Shooters

  •  Whenever Sebastian dresses ciel – take a drink
  • Whenever Betty gets feisty – take a good drink
  • Whenever ciel smiles – take a deep breath
  • Whenever Seb is one hell of a butler – Laugh and take a drink
  • Whenever there is a blue screen or frame  – take a drink
  • Whenever the 4th wall is broken – take a drink
  • Whenever ciel is compared to a dog – take a drink
  • Whenever you can actually taste Ciel’s anger – take a drink to calm your fear
  • Whenever there is Ciel or Ciel+Seb fanservice – remind yourself he’s 13!

 Black Butler Book of Circus Review doll

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  1. Okay…really don’t hate me here but I haven’t seen a single episode of Black Butler….man, I’m beginning to feel like more of a noob every day (no Deathnote, and now this….ugh……🙈🙈).

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