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Top 6 Anime that Made Me Cry

I couldn’t cut it down to 5. That’s How much of a crybaby I am! I guess I should preface this by letting you all know that I don’t necessarily cry when most people would. In general I am much more likely to cry at sappy or even happy moments then at sad ones. I’m...


My Top 5 Great Anime with Questionable Premises

Anime can be kind of weird in general, however for this list I’m not just picking anime that is weird to watch. These are series where the actual base premise is really odd or even kind of dumb sounding. Sure Paranoia Agent or Serial experiments Lain were pretty trippy to watch but when you strip...


To Be Or Not To Be A Hero

  Genre: Comedy, adventure, heart squeezes, fatherhood, potty humour,  Episodes: 12 Studio: Haoliners Animation League   Every father is a hero. At least to one person. Every daddy is a tower of strength that chases away the nightmares and keeps all the bad guys at bay. Whether they actually deserve the title or not, at...