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Top 5 Short Anime

When you have the attention span of a drunken gerbil. What a weird way of stating it. Can gerbils even get drunk? I’m gonna look it up. Back. I don’t know the answer but do you guys think I should get a gerbil? They’re really cute. Not as cute as baby porcupines OR baby sloths....


Top 5 Anime Cafés

I once wrote a Top 5 anime bars list. For an entire week, I was sad that I couldn’t go have an actual drink at those places (except for the Lupin). This said it was also really fun to put together. Anime vistas and places have long been a particular source of joy for me....


I’m Versatile, Ladies are Amazing, and People are Nice!

You all know that I’m tragically behind on my tag posts. Embarrassingly so really. I should be working on getting those that have been sitting in my to do file for over a year and I hope to slowly go through them. However, in the past few weeks two wonderful bloggers tagged me to cheer...