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My (top 5) Anime Found Family

This title is so confusing. I’m not talking about anime families at all. I should though. Why didn’t I think of this sooner… I will. This isn’t affectation guys, I am actually thinking up stuff as I write and writing out my thought process. I really need an editor is what I’m saying. Anyways, this...


Nobuchika Ginoza: Those Who Can’t Bend, Break (Megane Day)

Today we are celebrating Magane day!  This super fun little traditional was started by Mel over at MelinAnimeLand. Last year I shared my love for the feisty bespectacled baseball player Miyuki. This time around, I’m going to use the occasion to talk about a character I’ve actually been meaning to feature for a long time: Ginoza. It’s...


Top 5 Anime Gadgets

This one has been a long time coming. Some of you may know that I hold a special place in my heart for anime tech. Apparently, I may be a bit of a nerd…who knew… But the wondrous worlds of anime are so full of incredible inventions that I had to find a way to...


Top 5 Anime Man Eaters

In case you guys aren’t familiar with the expression, a man eater is sort of an old fashion way of saying a seductress, you know, a woman who enjoys flirting and flaunting her charms and isn’t necessarily above using them to her advantage occasionally. 


Top 5 Anime I Want To Play as Otome

Visual Novels and Otomes getting adapted to anime is a pretty common occurrence. It’s a good way to get some publicity for your game while putting out an anime with a guaranteed audience from the fans of the game. I’m gonna call it cross-media advertising. I’m pretty sure that’s not what it means….  Let’s face...


I Love This Tag – The One Liner Challenge!

You know I try to answer tags in a reasonable time frame. I don’t always succeed but I do try. It always means a lot to me to get tagged by one of you, so when both super cool Nairne (I’m a bit intimidated, I admit) and super sweet Ryuji were kind enough to think...


Psycho Pass – How to Build your Very Own Sybil System

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself – You know what my life needs right now? More dystopia. I know I do! But putting in place a totalitarian government can be time-consuming not to mention expensive. But don’t worry boo, I got you covered. Now you can take that first...

Psycho Pass anime review 19

Psycho Pass

Genre: Crime drama, Procedural, Dystopian Episodes: 22 Studio: Production I.G   This is going to be a challenging one, I might need your help on this cause we got a lot of ground to cover… In a not too distant future alternative Japan, Akane Tsunemori is getting ready to start her new job as an Inspector of...

Shusei Kagari Psycho Pass anime 12

The tragedy of Shusei Kagari

Psycho Pass is a fantastic show with an extraordinary cast who probably each deserve their own page but I always had a huge soft spot for Kagari and I really feel he doesn’t get enough love. First a rant: Kogami and Kagari are very similar sounding names and it’s kinda mean on the part of...