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Fullmetal Alchemist: Finally!

  Genre: Action, supernatural, drama Episodes: 64 Studio: Bones   Amestries is on the brink of revolution. Still licking its wounds from the bloody Ishval war, the nation maintains an unsteady peace with the neighbouring countries and the wide empire of Xing beyond the desert. At every turn, violence risks erupting, threatening once more the citizen...


The Garden of Sinners – recalled into summer – extra chorus

  Genre : Supernatural, drama,  psychological,  Length: 32 minutes Studio: ufotable   You know how life is. A bit like a large sea of boredom punctuated by seconds of intense terror. It’s also a bit like love, a mish mash of uncertainty and worry interrupted by moments of utter bliss. The trick is simply in finding those...


the Garden of sinners -recalled out summer-

  Genre : Supernatural, drama,  psychological, action  Length: 1hour 29 minutes Studio: ufotable   You think you want to be able to predict the future, you think you want to know what happens, but you don’t. Life just isn’t the same without a little mystery! People with the power of sight rarely live happy lives. Unless that...