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I Ruin My Sleep Schedule Again, This Time With Yuri!

Hello boys and girls. I hope you are having a great day. Healthy, happy and well rested. For my part, I’m still struggling to get that last one under control after that wonderful horrible thing that happened at the convention. What thing you ask? Well I’m so very glad you did ask! It would have...


The Boy Who Ran Away With My Heart

  Of course it’s Natsume…   Genre: Slice of Life, supernatural, hug in anime form Episodes: 74 Studio: Brain’s Base (seasons 1-4), Shuka (seasons 5-6) If you’ve been here before you know this story by now. I’ve told it to you 6 times already but how about we let the newcomers in on it as well. Natsume is a...


Natsume’s Book of Friends 5

Genre: Supernatural, Slice of Life, Drama Episodes: 11 + 2 OVAS + 1 special Studio: Shuka Takashi has come a long long way and been through several lifetimes worth of hardship and adventure, yet the real work has only just begun. Once you manage to pull yourself together and somehow reconcile an existence half rooted in...