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Top 5 Good Characters in Bad Animes

Ok so both “good” and “bad” are obviously arbitrary here. I went with my gut! However, as far as I’m concerned, these characters deserved better than the shows they got saddled with. Characters with deep compelling personalities or at least for the potential for it, stuck in lousy narrative where they will languish unappreciated forevermore…...


Getting Ready to Sue – Top 5 Anime Characters That Are Clearly Based on Me

For some time now, I have been living with the uncomfortable reality that my house is clearly bugged and anime producers have been stealing my identity to create their characters…well their less interesting supporting characters….but still. To this day, I have yet to see a penny in residuals.That’s not how residuals work you say? That’s...


Top 5 Anime Drinking Spots

I’ve actually been trying to put together a top list of anime bars more or less since I started this blog but, these are surprisingly rare. Maybe this has to do with the fact that anime protagonists are usually too young to drink but even in grittier dramas, it’s not a location that features very...