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Horimiya with IriMoya – episode 3

This show is going to give me an existential crisis. What am I just someone who likes romances now? When did this happen? Why? O.k….I kinda know why. Still, it’s a harsh sitch, you know. One day, you’re just plotting along, minding your own business, planning to take over the world, as one does, and...


Horimiya with Iri-Moya: Episode 2 — The Moyatorium

Episode 2 of Horimiya, reviewed by me and Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime! So happy to have her back here as a special guest~ Neither of us bothered to come up with a clever title for the collab’s first episode, but Irina messaged me earlier in the week with this brilliant pun, so […]...


Horimiya with Moya – episode 1

Hello and welcome to a post of many firsts. First episode of Horimiya. First time I have been looking forward to a romance anime in recent memory. And most importantly, my first time doing episode reviews with Moya from the Moyatorium! Welcome Moya, how have you been lately? Pretty good, and yourself? I’m so excited...