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Top 5 Anime Pets

I am in the mood for some good fluff. And you know what’s fluffy and fuzzy or sometimes scaly? Pets! I’m an animal lover and that extends to anime animals. Try saying that ten times fast! The thing about pets in anime is that half the time they aren’t really pets. They’re little fighting pocket...


Top 5 Supporting Anime Characters That Should Get Their Own Series

I once did a top 5 directors post where I forgot like 6 of my top 5 directors. I have a feeling that’s about to happen again. Considering I’m a fan of supporting or even minor characters, I usually have a dozen characters I want to know more about. Let’s just get this out of...


Irina’s Top 5 Waifus and Matt’s Top 5 Husbandos

Do you guys have any feelings about the word waifu? I know some people may take the idea a bit too seriously but otherwise I have nothing against it. Sounds like a form of domestic martial art. What a fed up lady would use when her husband forgot to fold the laundry again. “She used...


Top 5 Anime Magnificent Bastards

I know it’s not just me. I know I’m not the only one with tragically bad taste in anime boys. My taste in anime ladies though is unquestionable!!! A simple look at popularity polls and general online chatter is enough to show you that there are a number of incredibly popular anime characters who are...


I’m Versatile, Ladies are Amazing, and People are Nice!

You all know that I’m tragically behind on my tag posts. Embarrassingly so really. I should be working on getting those that have been sitting in my to do file for over a year and I hope to slowly go through them. However, in the past few weeks two wonderful bloggers tagged me to cheer...


5 Anime Characters I’d Like To See Racebent

Hello everyone. You may remember a while ago I had the pleasure of creating a top 5 collab with the wonderful Jordanne. She is truly a wellspring of creativity so when she suggested a further collab I was genuinely excited! Now the subject here may be a little delicate so I am going to reuse...


Top 5 Spooky Boys in Anime

Hi everyone, This is a collab post! I’m gonna start it off but if you want to see the top spots (and obviously you do!) don’t forget to head on over to Otaku Essays and Analyses Luminous Mongoose: You know, monster girls get a lot of traction, but what about monster guys? While I think the...


Top 5 Anime Gadgets

This one has been a long time coming. Some of you may know that I hold a special place in my heart for anime tech. Apparently, I may be a bit of a nerd…who knew… But the wondrous worlds of anime are so full of incredible inventions that I had to find a way to...


Van Hohenheim and the beauty of the ordinary life

Some of you may know that (as of this writing) I’ve recently finished watching FMA; Brotherhood for the first time (the semicolon is a typo but it stays as proof that Steins;Gate is trying to take over my brain). Let’s face it, Fullmetal Alchemist is rife with great candidates for my tragic character studies series....


Top 5 Anime Man Eaters

In case you guys aren’t familiar with the expression, a man eater is sort of an old fashion way of saying a seductress, you know, a woman who enjoys flirting and flaunting her charms and isn’t necessarily above using them to her advantage occasionally.