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The Relative Worlds and Their Relative Impact

    Genre : Science Fiction; Action; Romance; CG Length: 1 hour, 35 mins Studio: Craftar There are an infinite number of realities out there each existing on its own path a creating its own future. But what happens when two realities become intertwined? In The Relative Worlds, what happens is that people’s souls become linked,...


Human Lost is Better in Concept than Execution

Genre : Sci Fi, thriller, action, CG Episodes: 1 movie Studio: POLYGON PICTURES   Imagine a world where constant health worries are a thing of the past. Where the looming risk of hospital bills and expensive drugs simply doesn’t exist. A world where medicine has progressed enough through genetic engineering, nanotechnology and endocrine manipulation to essentially...


Irina Goes to the Fantasia Film Festival

I mention the Fantasia Film festival fairly often on this site. It’s one of the few events with a large audience I still make time for every year. Fantasia started out as a festival focused on Asian cinema and Anime in 1996, when streaming was a distant dream and subs far from a guarantee. Getting...