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Top 5 Anime to Watch When You Have a Cold

You may think that Canada is the land of maple syrup and apologies but it’s not. Well it is, sorry. However, it’s also the land of colds! At the very least Quebec is. The constant humidity mixed with some of the fastest and most radical temperature variations year round means that if you go anywhere...


Top 5 Anime Dopplegangers

You know you’ve watched a sufficient but completely non-alarming amount of anime when you start to spot similarities between unrelated characters from completely different series. It’s happened to me a few times lately and for some reason it fills me with glee. What can I say, I lead a life of adventure and excitement! What’s more, in...


Cells at Work -How Far Educational TV Has Come (12 days)

Genre: Slice of life, action, comedy, education Episodes: 13 Studio: David Production The human body is a marvel of bioengineering. Every second a universe’s worth of microorganisms and cells work in harmony to keep the whole thing going. Billions of processes take place for every single little thing, from breathing in to growing out hair....