Let me get some disclaimers out of the way. It is very possible that some of these titles will get English translations by the time this post gets published, I do write these sometimes several months in advance. And it’s also quite possible that they already have an official translation and I wasn’t able to find it for some reason.

If so, please let me know. I will be your friend! I will also buy it and read it and tell you all about it! I do know that all of these titles have non-official translations, after all, that’s how I know I want to read them but I have been holding out hoping they would get an international distribution deal. Cause they sound amazing!

5. Here U Are

I have spoken about this manhua before and to be honest, I’ve already read it. All of it. But I kinda want to reread it. And I also want to own it, lend it to friends show my support to the author and show publishers that these types of stories can make money.

I can and do read manga and manhua online a lot but I’m really trying to reduce screen time right before bed. Blue light and all that. So I have been sticking to physical manga for a while and I think it would be lovely to just bundle up under the covers and thumb through a couple of chapters of Here U Are. It’s such a sweet and comfortable story that is bound to give me happy dreams!

4. Midnight Occult Civil Servants

The anime adaptations had a lot of issues but I still really liked it. What’s more, I could see all the foundations for a solid ongoing narrative and the genre really spoke to me. It’s one of the very rare series that I finished and immediately went to see if I could buy the manga. And I couldn’t…

At least I couldn’t find it. It’s a testament to how much the series spoke to me that I still regularly tour a bunch of shops to see if I can find an English version but to no avail. I would totally buy the series. I’d buy multiple volumes of it. And for some reason, I’m a little hurt an entire industry isn’t bowing down to my personal whims. O.k., hurt is not the right word. But it would be awesome if we could get a translation of Midnight Occultist. Please?

3. The World of Machida-Kun

Now we are getting into the interesting stuff. Unexplored territory. I have obviously heard of Machida-kun but beyond the two-line summary I read, I don’t really know much at all about this series. But I want to!

First of all that two-line summary gave me Natsume/March comes in like a Lion, vibes and that’s pretty much enough to sell me. Second, I like the simplicity of the cover. I understand that it may seem like a stupid reason but look at it. It looks like it’s sideways but actually, that image is framed way better in landscape. That space behind and in front of the character gives a sense of movement. The title is interwoven. That box is fantastic. Look at the detail of the folded edges and what are those rolls sticking out. It’s really good composition, but it’s not loud about it.

Subtle and calm. I could describe a lot of my very favourite stories that way. And that cover is brilliantly subtle and calm.

2. Insomniacs After School

Man do I want to read this so bad. I do really enjoy the little art I have seen, so that’s always a plus. And the description is great even if it could also be extremely boring. There’s something about the idea of bonding over insomnia that speaks to me (a person that freaks out if it takes longer than 20 minutes to fall asleep – man I’m spoiled) But what particularly sells me on this is the AniList tags. And the art style. I really like the art style.

Ok, so the second most used tag for Insomniacs After School is Iyashikei, or something along the lines of feel good. Then you have Seinen, as in most readers thought this was aimed at a slightly older audience. Since there seems to be no violence or sexual content, I’m guessing there’s a maturity in the way the themes are discussed. That’s another plus. Finally, there is no romance tag. Although it is listed as one of the general genres, it doesn’t seem to be what the audience is taking most away from it. When you put it all together, it paints a really interesting picture.

In my head, it’s a slow examination of how we form bonds with others. For all, I know it’s a fast-paced action ecchi…

1. Sousou no Frieren

I might actually fold and just read a fan translation. I have been waiting and hoping this title would get translated for a while now and every time I see it doesn’t, I get a little bummed. And it’s for the silliest reason yet.

Now Frieren is beloved and very highly rated by readers so that’s certainly part of the reason I want to read it. Ratings aren’t everything but if tons of manga lovers are enjoying it, there’s no reason to think I wouldn’t.

It’s also a classic fantasy which I do like once in a while, with the intriguing summary of ” Frieren is a member of the hero’s party that defeated the demon king. Both a magician and an elf, there is something that separates her from the other three members.

The art is really lovely. That’s always a plus as we’ve established. Although for my personal taste, I like Insomniacs just a tiny bit more. But those are all just pluses. They are not the thing that makes me say, I need to read Frieren. The reason I have arbitrarily decided that is the title! Frieren at the Funeral is an amazing title. And so full of longing and regret. I want to read this story. I think it might bum me out but I still want to. I feel the weight of countless bygone heroes and half-forgotten adventures through that title. Please translate the inside as well…

And that’s it, the 5 manga (ok 4 manga and one manhua) that I am currently hoping will get official translations, like tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to see Frieren at the Funeral being recognized for the gem it is. Honestly I’m surprised it wasn’t one of the unicorns that end up getting official translations really early. Machida-kun is also a manga which seems like it would have been a really early officially licensed manga.

  2. My vote would be for the manhua Tamen de Gushi (Their Story) by Tan Jiu. I’ve also seen it as “SQ Begin with Your Name”. Two high school girls develop a relationship. It doesn’t seem to be officially available in English either in print or online.

  3. Looks like your prayers were answered, when it comes to Frieren, at least!

    I’d be interested in trying out the manga of Midnight Occult Civil Servants, as well, and Here U Are sounds good too.

    Gokusen is a manga I wish would get licensed in English, I really enjoyed the anime and would like to see how the story ends.

  4. I’ve never wanted to read manga before but after I read this it kind of makes me want to read one now.

  5. I’ve never heard of your top 3, and they all look so appealing. I tend to hope they’ll get an anime, though, since I don’t buy stuff online and finding manga in bookshops is really a matter of luck here (out of those, I’m guessing “Sousou no Frieren” has the best chances to end up on physical bookshelves, though it’d be interesting how they translate the title because it “Frieren” is the German verb “to Freeze”, so if you read “Frieren beim Begräbnis” you’d read that intuitively as “Freezing at the Funeral”).

    1. Freezing at the Funeral may be an even better title! It just because a super dark comedy. Love it!

  6. Yeah, I really wish there was a official english translation for The World of Machida-Kun, I’ve been trying to read it for a while. This is the first time I’m hearing of Insomniacs After School, is it good?

    1. I’m trying to hold out for the official translation. It’s very pretty and I love the summary. Readers also seem to like it a lot

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